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  • Fort Delaware's Garrison LH

    Fort Delaware State Park is having it's annual Living history event this year on July 28th 2007

    This summer, Fort Delaware will sponsor "Dispatch from the Pea Patch". We are looking for approximately 100 authentic and dedicated living historians to portray Confederate prisoners, Union infantrymen, artillerists and guards, and civilians. If you’ve got it, come join us! This year, the Park and Event Staff is working with several new and returning groups to re-create life on Pea Patch Island during July of 1864.

    Please remember, you must register individually. No unit registrations will be accepted. Registration is free. Download a registration form (pdf document) or call the Park Office to register (302) 834-7491.

    Registration Form:

    More information can be found on the Park's website:
    -Rob Williams
    Ft. Delaware State Park
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    Re: Fort Delaware's Garrison LH

    If you are in the area dont pass up this event! This is a great way to get more visitors over to the island, as well as Fort Mott, which is really in need of preservation efforts. 1st person, hanging out in the only replicated Confederate POW barracks in the world, garrison duty, possibly being able to sleep at the awesome deal. If youve never visited the island do it! This event has great potential so give it your support.
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