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Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

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  • Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

    My wife Nancy has been diagnosed with a tick born ailement known as Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. She contracted it at the event and is under treatment and is doing better.
    The symptoms are flu like with stiff joint movement. These symptoms can sometimes be dismissed as usual normal illnesses.
    The long term effect of this can be devastating though. Please if anyone that participated at the event is having any symptoms like this, go to the doctor and get a blood test. It is treatable if caught in time.
    Thank You
    Terry Sorchy

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    Re: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever


    I had to read this twice to let the she is under treatment and is doing better part sink in. My parents paced the floor several years ago as this fever ran its course in my brother. He came through it perfectly and I have all the faith in the world that your dear wife will as well.
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      Re: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

      I'm so sorry to hear that Nancy's been ill. I've seen tick fever in adults as well. Giver her all our best.

      Kind regards,
      [FONT="Book Antiqua"]Kind regards,
      Emily Burns[/FONT]


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        Re: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

        I have seen this in my family as well, hang in there she'll get bettter.

        Sean Wilson
        Sean Wilson


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          Re: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

          Praying for a swift recovery for your wife.
          Ron Mueller
          New Madrid Guards

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            Re: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever


            thanks for posting. My prayers are with Nancy for a speedy recovery.

            I feel lucky that in spending 4+ days and nights down there, I contracted zero ticks. (Chiggers? some, but much fewer than most) Maybe, there is something to the natural elements and repellents I use.

            Best Regards...
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              Re: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever


              Sorry to hear your wife is ill from Marmy's. I trust in God that she'll be better.

              I had BAD chigger bites from that event. Ms. Silvana told me not to scratch them, and I didn't, but my socks and pants scratched them for me. I still have healing sores on my legs and wrists from that event.

              Just 'battle scars'... that's all. :wink_smil

              All the best to you and your wife, sir.

              Your friend- Johnny Lloyd
              Johnny Lloyd
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                Re: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

                I had three tick bites. Two are still a little red, but no illness. I'll say a little prayer for your wife.

                Sean Collicott
                Your humble servant....
                Sean Collicott
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                  Re: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

                  I hope Nancy feels better very soon! I said a prayer for her.

                  Thanks for the "words to the wise" on the ticks!

                  I've never been chigger-bit like I was at Vicksburg last year! I HATE those little sons of... !
                  John Wickett
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                    Re: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever


                    Tell Nancy to get better soon!
                    Nathan Hellwig
                    AKA Harrison "Holler" Holloway
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                      Re: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

                      Lyme's Disease is also fairly common in Missouri from tick bites. Both my wife and oldest daughter have had that. Symptoms are also fluelike and there may be a rash/ring around the bite area. Early treatment with antibiotics will knock it out.

                      But, in my daughter's case it left a continuing problem in that blood tests always come back with some positives for ailments she has never had.
                      Michael Comer
                      one of the moderator guys


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                        Re: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

                        Prayers sent, and I hope she has no further problems. Glad you and your doctor caught it.
                        Becky Morgan


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                          Re: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

                          I hope your wife gets better,

                          best wishes
                          Kyle (Cuffie) Pretzl
                          The Tater Mess


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                            Re: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

                            I'm surprised but hope Nancy is doing well.
                            She will be in my prayers.
                            Frank Aufmuth
                            When you hear my whistle, Hell will be upon you.


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                              Re: Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever

                              Terry, Hope your wife is doing well and wish her a speedy recovery. We had a fellow at work with that a couple of years ago from mushroom hunting, I know it takes some time.
                              Grandad Wm. David Lee
                              52nd Tenn. Reg't Co. B

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                              - Uncle Dave Macon