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    I know it's awhile off, but no time like the present to start planning. Anyone in the Northeast/New England (close to CT) that wants to attend Winter 1864 and needs a carpool, please PM me and we'll pool our resources to get there. I can take 3 people with gear in my truck. It is a 7 hour drive from Hamden, CT to the event.
    We can also pool our resources when it comes to clothing and gear for the event too.

    Thanks and let me know- Johnny Lloyd
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    Re: Carpool to W '64

    When the event's basic roster spreadsheet is completed, I'll circulate it to the paritcipants so that folks can see who's from a place somewhere near their own locality with an eye toward setting up carpools. With gas at over $3 a gallon again, carpooling is a better idea than ever before.