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Resaca 2009 AAR

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  • Resaca 2009 AAR

    First off, I would like to thank Kiev for the honor of being the Color Sergeant with company C. Thanks to our Col Tripp and the great job he did as well. All of the leadership did a fantastic job.
    A very large thanks to my color guard and the Blue Ridge Mess. Thank You Pards, from you pard “Spinner”. It was an honor to be with you as you guys paid your respects to Tommy.
    Of course, as always, it is great to see all and share good times.

    A few highlights for me:

    Friday night:
    Trying to figure out how we could cook all of the pork!
    Where to put the sweet potatoes?!?!
    Listening to Eric Brow play the mountain banjo and Kiev play the bones
    Sleeping on the ground covered by my painted cloth while it rained…

    Falling during the battle, with “my” color guard, to canister fire
    Fry bread with the Blue Ridge Mess
    Cowboy boots and strawberry shortcakes!!!!! Nice
    The packages from the Georgia Relief Society. Awesome surprise!
    Enjoying conversation, drink and song until the darkness fell
    Continuing the interesting conversation and drink with Eric in the shelter

    The group wet plate
    Being captured and then running straight into the Federal works to escape!

    The event was great and good times were many! I will think of more moments.

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    Greg S Barnett
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    Re: Resaca 2009 AAR

    I just want to post a quick thanks for all those that attended Resaca this past weekend as part of our 10th Texas Campaigner Battalion. It was a big success. We had 118 men in the ranks excluding staff on Saturday morning with more joining us as the day went on. On Sunday our numbers were down due largely to the long distances many had to travel but we still had one of the largest Battalions on the field. Thanks to the Palmetto Battalion and Claude Sinclair for making us feel at home and allowing us to do our thing.

    We received compliments from everyone including the event organizers, Confederate Command Staff and Federal Commanders. They all said we not only looked the part but also maneuvered well and fought hard. The Federals were most impressed by our willingness to take hits. I actually had someone from either Brigade or Army staff order us to stop taking so many hits. It was all I could do not to laugh. I think I told something about that is what happens when you get placed in a spot with two howitzers firing into your flank at 100 yards or less. Of course the only way any of this would work is with great leaders. One man cannot do it alone. Our Company Commanders all did an amazing job of leading their men and ensuring everyone was where they were supposed to be when we were supposed to be there. Don't worry we will get the "By the Right of Companies to the Rear into Column" correct next time.

    For those that enjoyed the boxes from the Georgia Relief Society, a big thanks needs to go to Pat Craddock and Kiev Thomason. They did all the hard work. Mr. Craddock gather many of the small items that we in the boxes including Carrie Cakes, pipe tobacco, cigars, and other little goodies. Kiev made and donated most all the clothing items including the Kepis, Vests, and haversacks. He also built the boxes.

    Now on to Bummers and Sharpsburg.
    [FONT=Times New Roman][b]Tripp Corbin[/b][/FONT]
    [URL=]Western Independent Grays[/URL]
    [URL=]Armory Guards[/url]


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      Re: Resaca 2009 AAR

      I want to give a big thanks to Trip and all the organizers of this event. This was my first large event and I brought my son as well. To say we were highly impressed and welcomed would be an understatement. Us fresh fish were trained and assisted in the many things we were ignorant of and we had a fantastic experience and it was quite hard to return to the 21st century on Monday morning.

      I have been lurking on the board for quite awhile and it was great to meet a lot of the folks. Thank to Kiev for letting my play his banjo and for the great stuff in the gift boxes as my son wound up with one of the haversacks.

      Thanks to Captain Thomas and Sgt. Collins.

      We are looking forward to another event in the near future.

      Karl Kersey

      Stones River LH Dec 08
      145th Resaca Campaigner Battalion - May 15-17


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        Re: Resaca 2009 AAR

        "Cowboy boots and strawberry shortcakes!!!!! Nice"

        Now Greg you know yer' wayyyy to old for them cowboy boots and shortcake !:tounge_sm

        Gentlemen I had a great time , but how can you not, when you're in the company of such a fine set of men! Great job to Tripp, you did OUTSTANDING, as well as Kiev, I'd follow you all the way to Camp Douglas.
        Greg, huddled in the she-bang on Sat night was one of the better conversations I've had in long time. Thanks for indulging my eccentric port driven ideas!
        Eric N. Harley-Brown
        Currently known to associate with the WIG/AG

        "It has never been fully realized, nor appreciated by the people of the North-the great part in preserving the Union, the brave, loyal,and patriotic Union men, in the mountainous parts of the Southern states, rendered" - Orderly Sgt. Silas P. Woodall (2nd grt. grnd...) member of "Kennemers Union Scouts & Guides"-organized in Woodville, Alabama 1863.


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          Re: Resaca 2009 AAR

          Commander Corbin and the 10th Texas,

          I must say that you and the 10th Texas really did impress me at the Resaca Campaign. Your men performed battalion drill on the field and it really did pay off for you on the field of battle. Thanks for allowing me to steal your bugler for a few notes while were were moving on the field. Contrary to popular belief I didn't hear either group say anything negative about each other at the event. Many of my men told me how good the 10th Texas looked and your impressions looked as if you just got off a flat bed train car rolling into battle. It was also good to put a few faces with the names that I keep seeing. One compliment came from Keiv Thompson when he said that he had purchased a painted oil cloth from me. I also saw some familiar faces that I have seen from time-to-time. Meeting you for the first time was a pleasure. We did have the best camping even if we were separted by a hundred yards. The company that camped next to you was the 10th SC and the unit they represent also fought at Resaca. They are from Charleston, SC and they like to get away from the heavy canvas that is at mainstream events. I was plesantly surprised that the majority of our battalion members took to the woods instead of putting up common tents.

          Again, I want to thank you for making Granbury's Brigade the largest and best on the field. I am seriously thinking of forming a campaign company or two from our battalion to help out with some of your events. We do have many members, including myself, that like to get away from time-to-time to attend events such as Rich Mountain, Re-opp of Fort Sumter, Picketts Mill, Red River, BGR, etc.

          Now if I can only purchase another horse. . . . . . .
          Claude Sinclair
          Palmetto Battalion


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            Re: Resaca 2009 AAR

            Mr. Sinclair,

            Thank you for your kind words. On behalf of the men of Co. D, 10th Texas Inf. I would like to express my thanks for your willingness to work with us. I know that it is often difficult to translate what the WIG enjoys doing at events. I appreciate you allowing us to participate in your brigade and for giving us some rope to do our own thing.

            Thanks again.
            Prometheus No. 851
            Franklin, Tennessee
            Widows' Sons Mess

            Aut Bibat Aut Abeat

            Can't fix stupid... Johnny Lloyd


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              Re: Resaca 2009 AAR

              Mr. Corbin, Mr. Coats, and Battalion,

              It was a pleasure to serve as Brigade Adjutant for the weekend. I appreciate your willingness to work with us and being very prompt with reports. Mr. Poythress' staff was very, very pleased with our performance. I look forward to serving with each one of ya'll again.

              I remain,
              Your Obedient Servant,
              I remain, Your Obedient Servant,
              Adam Moore
              Effingham, SC


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                Re: Resaca 2009 AAR

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                Marvin Greer
                Snake Nation Disciples

                "Now bounce the Bullies!" -- Lt. David Cornwell 9th Louisiana Colored Troops, Battle of Milliken's Bend.



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                  Re: Resaca 2009 AAR

                  After driving 11+ hours with crazy pards and myself to come here it was well worth it, met some good men of company E and enjoyed the cooking and camping and making well engineered shebangs, good work pards. I enjoyed it better than the alternative which was going to Conner Prairie with the streamers and I can already here the that damn song they sing which is stuck in my head, anyway always enjoy fighting on original battlefield and supporting events that let us. Also enjoyed my all you can eat Cat-Fish at the Chuck wagon and the very nice service. I do love coming down south and every time it gets harder to leave. Well I will be back and maybe next time for good. Thanks to the WIG for a fine show.
                  Thomas J. Alleman
                  "If the choice be mine, I chose to march." LOR


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                    Re: Resaca 2009 AAR

                    I hear ya Tom! Looks like we made a good choise about attending Resaca. There is quite the flame battle going on the other forum about what a cluster Conner Prairie was. Can't go wrong with the WIG. :wink_smil
                    Frank Perkin


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                      Re: Resaca 2009 AAR

                      To all who made the event...Thank you! It was good to see everyone of you. I know Tripp had a great time being it was his first field command as wig in charge.seeing the turn out and support for the WIG makes me very happy. there was alot of hours put behind building this event from the captains and the staff and it payed off!

                      I would like to say that I was very happy with all of the men in company C. You all made my job very easy! Thank you. I had a ball serving as your Captain.
                      Kiev Thomason
                      a.k.a. King Corn:baring_te
                      Armory Guards
                      Forest Park Lodge #399
                      Forest Park GA.


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                        Re: Resaca 2009 AAR

                        Even though I went Federal with a few other campaigners for this event, it was grand to see you all again up by Wendell's tent, in the parking lot heading home, or on the field of battle.

                        Thanks for doing your part to make this event better than it could have been!
                        Jonathan "Scottie" Scott
                        Co. A, 104th Illinois Volunteer Infantry
                        Salt River Rifles

                        <a href="">Race to Knoxville: April 17-19, 2009</a>
                        <a href="">145th Anniversary Battle of Resaca: May 17-19, 2009</a>


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                          Re: Resaca 2009 AAR


                          Here is a photo of the Campaign Battalion at Resaca.
                          Attached Files
                          Andrew Kasmar


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                            Re: Resaca 2009 AAR

                            great image Andrew. I can myself and the north state boys at the back of the column.
                            Bryant Roberts
                            Palmetto Guards/WIG/LR

                            Interested in the Palmetto Guards?


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                              Re: Resaca 2009 AAR

                              I had a blast it was a shame to have to check out early on Sunday but when I think about it I'm glad I did as I was hurtin bad at PT on Monday morning haha. My hats off to Tripp and Herb for their excellent leadership in the field and of course to Mr. Craddock for his excellent command of my company and to Nate Petersburg who did excellent as our companies second in command.

                              Some highlights of the weekend for me (some people wont understand unless you were there)

                              Getting waterboarded in a tiny shebang filled with 7 other guys.

                              Sleeping in The Lonestar Hotel on Saturday (sorry for snoring so loud and keeping the rest of the occupants up)

                              Enjoying a good conversation with Joe Blunt

                              The pies that Justin Morris had to offer.

                              Running into Justin Runyon again (it had been about 3 years since I had first ran into him at Conner Prarie)

                              Getting raked by canister fire during the battle.

                              Having a mammouth of a man tell me and Little Mac about why we should join the 33rd Mongoloid Artillery.

                              and a quote that was all too familiar this weekend especially when it started raining.....
                              "Oh lord, here we go again!"
                              [CENTER]Yours with a jerk,
                              Michael Kirby
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