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Confederate Perryville 2009 Adjunct

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  • Confederate Perryville 2009 Adjunct

    For all of you Confederate Folks that are Attending the 2009 Perryville Reenactment that want the quality experience. The Breckinridge Greys are attending and are recruiting others planning to attend. We will participate in the scheduled battles and tactical along with other events planned just for the Breckinridge Greys and the Western Federal Blues commanded by Chad Greene. We have approval from the event staff.

    Unit: Company K, 7th Arkansas Volunteer Infantry Regiment

    Guidelines: These are just suggestions not requirements and are designed so that everyone can meet them.
    Coat/Jacket: 1) Frock Coat 2) Commutation 3)Civilian jacket/coat
    Trousers: 1) Civilian; 2) Confederate issue
    Shoes: 1) Confederate issue; 2) Civilian
    Headgear: 1) Civilian hat; 2) Confederate kepi
    Accoutrements: 1) English; 2) Confederate Manufacture (Atlanta)
    Haversack: 1) Civilian; 2) Federal issue; 3) Confederate
    Knapsack: 1) Blanket roll; 2) English Import 3) Confederate / Pre-war manufacture
    Canteen: 1) Tin Drum; 2) Smoothside; 3) Wooden
    Weapon: 1) Enfield; 2) 1842 Springfield; 3) Foreign Musket;
    Blankets: 1) Civilian ; 2) Confederate Produced
    Ground Cloth: 1) Confederate issue; 2) Civilian ground sheet

    Goal in numbers: One 25-30 Man Company

    Registration: Please notify me if you plan to attend and follow the event websites directions for registering, list Breckinridge Greys for the unit name and Chad Wrinn for the unit commander. You will have to request a registration package. When you contact me select a name from this roll of Company K to portray.

    Activities outside the standard event schedule: Many of the Activities will remain unannounced for obvious reasons. But they will include, occupying the Civilian Village early in the weekend recreating Bragg’s occupation of Perryville, Pickets, Patrols, Various Marches portraying movements of the 7th.

    Rank Structure: The Company commander will be myself Chad Wrinn of the Breckinridge Greys, a specific rank Structure will be set when everyone gets registered.

    Rations: Rations will be provided by the event and issued by the Greys mid-day on Saturday, so for Friday evening and the first part of Saturday you will have to bring you own rations.
    Chad Wrinn