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2011 MAX Effort EBUFU Event

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  • 2011 MAX Effort EBUFU Event

    Hello Everyone:

    Since "To Prevent the Effusion of Blood" is very early on the 2011 calendar, the AC Focus Group has elected to provide a folder for the event in 2011. This will be considered the first "Max Effort EBUFU Event" for 2011. There will be others to come at a later date.
    Eric Tipton
    AC Owner
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    Cincinnati, Ohio

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    Re: 2011 MAX Effort EBUFU Event

    As the event coordinator for 'To Prevent the Effusion of Blood', I wish to offer my thanks to the AC Event Focus Group for their consideration of this event and their support of this event outside the normal living history schedule.

    We have a good plan based on first hand accounts of the events of 27 December 1860 to 9 January 1861. Our intention is to honor those accounts directly and provide a moment in time for our participants as well as the viewing public.

    My Thanks and I'm looking forward to being a gracious host in the low country in January 2011.
    Your Obedient Servant,

    Peter M. Berezuk