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Confederate Companies for River"s Bridge 2010

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  • Brad Malone
    Re: Confederate Companies for River"s Bridge 2010


    We have a little less than 25 days until the Rivers Bridge event. We are still needing good men to come and fall in with us for the 145th anniversary of the battle.

    Our Rank Structure for Co. C of the 47th Ga.Infantry is;

    Captain - Brad Malone
    1st Lt. - Beau Blackwell
    1st Sgt.- John Christiansen
    2nd Sgt.- Bryant Roberts
    1st Cpl.- Ed Harrelson
    2nd Cpl.- Scott Evans

    We are trying to honor the brave men of Georgia who fought to save South Carolina, when their own state lay in ruins.

    Brad Malone

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  • Brad Malone
    Re: Confederate Companies for River"s Bridge 2010


    The Guidelines post that I made about the 3rd Ark cavalry was second hand from the guys who are doing the dismounted impressions.I hope that Mr. Rose will chime in on this thread. Neill is very well knowledged on Wheelers men and their participation in the Carolina's Campaign.

    I was aware that Wheelers men arrived to late for the main fight, and did not fight in the works. This event is primarily a trench event with little room for mounted cavalry. The Ironscouts have been mounted at RB in the past but the numbers and the space to accurately portray Wheelers attack has not not been available.So mounted troops have little to nothing to do.

    I personally have not seen the accounts but have been told that some of the 3rd was dismounted, and if true, I would love to know if they were still carrying sidearms. Any input would be greatly welcomed.

    The main time that mounts, sabers, and pistols have been used is during our LH programs during both days. The NO sabers and revolvers was from what I thinks just a siplicity measure for those wishing to fight in the trenches between the living history demonstrations.

    I appreciate everyones comments and opinions. That is what makes the AC a very valuable tool in our passion to accurately portray our ancestors.

    I myself am an Infantryman and it has been 20 years since I was last a trooper.


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  • roundshot
    Re: Confederate Companies for River"s Bridge 2010

    As an "add on" to the above post, Col. Jones specifically mentions in his inspection report that the carbines in the hands of Wheeler's men were breech loaders, specifically: "the Spencer, the Burnside, Maynard, &c."

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  • roundshot
    Re: Confederate Companies for River"s Bridge 2010

    Concerning the 3rd Arkansas event guidelines: North South Trader Jan-Feb 1985 has an article entitled "CS Cavalry Arms-1865." Included is info on the Ordnance returns for Col. Thomas Harrison's brigade of Wheeler's command. Harrison's brigade was comprised of the 3rd Arkansas, plus the 8th and 11 Texas. With a field strength of 668 their armament consisted of 123 Enfields, 90 Mississippi or Austrian rifles, 8 Belgian rifles, 83 Spencer repeaters, 135 carbines of varying patterns, and 17 shotguns or smoothbores. Sidearms consisted of 367 Army revolvers (cal .44) and 292 Navy revolvers (cal .36). In other words, more men lacked longarms than pistols. An inspection report of Wheeler's command in Feb 1865 by Col. C. C. Jones also notes; "Quite a considerable proportion of the men carry revolvers." Jones also confirms the dearth of edged weapons by stating: "It is a matter of regret that the use of the sabers has been so much overlooked."
    While carrying sabres may have been passe, it would be a stretch to think that Federal saber belts (minus hangers) would not be worn with all the captured Fedral arms being bandied about.

    The records for ammunition are also included and only a very, very small percentage are caliber .69. In fact, more Spencer rounds were on hand than smoothbore ammo, although Spencer ammo was scarce too.

    The above is being shared for information purposes only. Feel free to use as you will.

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  • csabugler
    Re: Confederate Companies for River"s Bridge 2010

    Could you please support Wheelers Cav improving and fighting from earthworks ?

    What are you basing Wheelers troops not having on sabers, revolvers or sword belts ?

    Chris Rideout

    Chris , if I understand your question correctly, Wheeler's ordinance reports for fall of 1864 show something like 5900 effectives, 200 sabres, 600 revolvers. Something like . I'm sure somebody will post a link to those reports.

    lots of doc's of him occupying earthworks to cover a retreat as I recall. Again, someone will propably post some.

    Sorry I don't have hard facts, only opinions.
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  • Brad Malone
    Re: Confederate Companies for River"s Bridge 2010

    Troopers Wanted

    The Ironscouts, (Neill Rose and Ed Harrelsons cavalry company) will be organizing a dismounted cavalry detachment for the Rivers Bridge event. The unit they are portraying is the 3rd Ark.Cav..

    The 3rd was a part of Wheelers cavalry, and fought dismounted in the works along the Salkahatchie line. Records show that the 3rd had not been
    resupplied for a while prior to Feb. 65.and was pretty much fending for themselves for clothing and equipment.

    Below is a set of guidlines for anyone interested in falling in as a dimounted trooper.


    Civilian coats and trousers preferred
    Columbus jackets are allowed but in small numbers.
    Jean military truosers allowed


    Civilian slouch hats only


    Civilian or CS issue only


    CS issue infantry equipment English infantry equipment
    CS issue carbine boxes (limited)
    No swordbelts

    2 or 3 band enfields
    1842 muskets
    Conversion muskets
    CS Cavalry carbines

    If anyone is interested in falling in with the Ironscouts, you can email or pm me.

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  • Brad Malone
    Re: Confederate Companies for River"s Bridge 2010


    Here are the guidlines for the 47th GA at River's Bridge.


    Columbus Depots-

    Jean Cloth Frock Coats-

    Civilian Sack Coats-

    ** These jackets are to be made from Jean Cloth and of period construction**

    **Tait Jackets are allowed**


    Confederate Military type-

    Civilian trousers-

    ** Made from Jean Cloth and made of period construction**

    *** No Sky Blue trousers allowed***


    Confederate shoes- preferred

    Civilian shoes- preferred

    Federal brogans- limited numbers

    ** Shoes are to be properly constructed from original patterns***


    Kepis- properly constructed using accurate materials

    Slouch Hats- Real wool felt hats (Black, Brown, or Tan) with authentic linings and sweatbands.

    ***No US forage caps***

    ***No hat brass, hat pins, animal parts or anything else allowed on headgear***


    Shirts- Should be made of correct materials and patterns

    Underpants- same as above

    Socks- Period socks of either wool or cotton


    CS issue or Imported English leathers- properly constructed from original patterns

    Frame or Roller buckles preferred on belts.

    ** Equipment is to be properly constructed**

    *** No US leathers, a few pieces can be allowed but no full sets***


    Confederate issue haversacks only (NO US HAVERSACKS) proper construction only

    Confederate issue canteens preferred (US ok in small numbers) Proper construction

    only (no stainless steel) Canteen straps should also be authentic.

    Confederate Knapsacks preferred (US ok in small numbers) proper construction

    CS and US Blankets- should be of proper materials and construction.

    **Blanket roll is preferred over using US knapsack**


    Enfield- preferred

    US 1842ís- 2nd Choice

    Springfield- Ok in small numbers

    **Musket slings need to be taken off if they are not correct**

    If anyone has any questions, they can contact me at


    Brad Malone

    (Captain Joseph Thompson 47th Ga. Co. C)

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  • Brad Malone
    started a topic Confederate Companies for River"s Bridge 2010

    Confederate Companies for River"s Bridge 2010

    Gentlemen of the South,

    The Palmetto Living History Association is once again putting together authentic company for the annual Riverís Bridge event here In South Carolina. Last year was a great success thanks to the North State Rifles, Ironscouts, and the PLHA. This year is the 145th and we would like to make it bigger and better.

    This battle was the only strong resistance that Sherman faced while in SC. The event is held in Bamberg County, along the Salkahatchie River near Ehrhardt, SC less than a mile from Riverís Bridge State Park, The site of the original works and bridgehead.

    This is a mainstream event, but we'll have a very large portion of the works and have our own immersion event inside of an event. We will run scenarios for ourselves and the public replicating elements of the Feb 4, 1865 engagement.

    Our time will be spent building and improving Breastworks and rifle pits, performing picket and guard duty, and staying engaged with the enemy throughout the day and night.

    Our impression will be Co. C, Bullock Guards, 47th Georgia. The 47th had an illustrious career out West with the AOT and had been transferred back to SC to act as a rail-riding, quick reaction force between Charleston and Savannah. Standards are a mixed bag as the 47th was most likely receiving clothing from Charleston as they arrived in June, 1864.
    (If our numbers are good enough we will field a second company from the 5th Ga Reserves.)

    We will be coordinating efforts and scenarios with the Adjunct Federal battalion that Galen Wagner is organizing.

    Uniform Guidelines:

    Late War AOT or Dept. of SC, GA and FLA. Impressions

    Columbus Jackets
    Civilian clothing
    Tait Jackets

    The dates for the event are Jan. 29-31 2010

    Anyone interested in coming can email me.

    Here is a little info on the battle;

    On February 2, a Confederate force under Maj. Gen. Lafayette McLaws held the crossings of the Salkehatchie River against the advance of the right wing of Maj. Gen. William T. Sherman's army. Union soldiers began building bridges across the swamp to bypass the road block. In the meantime, Union columns worked to get on the Confederates' flanks and rear. On the 3rd, 2 Union brigades waded the swamp downstream and assaulted McLaws's right. McLaws retreated toward Branchville after stalling Sherman's advance for only 1 day.