The Mossy Creek Mess/SCAR is hostiing a federal adjunct for the Battle of Fort Sanders October 7-9 2011. For the event we will portray a detachment of the 2nd Michigan Infantry that has been detailed as a pioneer company to boslter the defenses around Knoxville in preperation for Longstreets impending attack.
When Longsteet began his move from arond Chatanooga to liberate East TN, Burnside had spread his forces out and gone into winter quarters. Engineer Orlando Poe surved the defenses at Knoxville and decided them inadequate. We will be portaying a company that has been working on improving Fort Sanders during the last couple of weeks leading up to the event.
This will be a company level event. We are looking for 25-35 soldiers. Participants are asked to be on site by 7 O'clock on Friday. We will gather at the Fort and await orders. You will be issued a marching ration for Friday night and Saturday morning. We will have a short march and be setting up a picket post Friday night. The day leading up to the attack on Fort Sanders the confederate drove in the Federal pickets. We will be recreating that portion of the attack during Friday night. Saturday we will be heading back up to the fort to put our tools to good use. Please bring any period tools you have! We will be doing improvements to the fort and we have permission to dig some rifle pits which we will be able to occupy during the battle. Sunday will be used to continue our work. Lunch will be cooked for you on Saturday, there is a BBQ Saturday night that the event puts on that we will partake in. Breakfast will be cooked for you on Sunday morning. Event is usually over by 3 O'clock on Sunday. We ask that you stay for the duration of the event.
I have attached the uniform guidelines and a registration form for the event. Please e-mail me at for more information or if you have any questions. Battle Website is
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