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Are these not perilous times?

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  • Are these not perilous times?

    For those of you not sure of what you will be doing October 21-23, there will be a nice experience happening at South Union Shaker Village. For those of us who have been preparing to portray the Shaker's at South Union, we are not sure of the perilous times that will be brought to our door.

    I leave you with this image & these words from Eldress Nancy Moore's journal in 1861.

    We have a feeling to record, some of the most important items or incidents, concerning this unnatural war, which has brought, and is now bringing so much destruction, distress, and desolation over our once free and happy land.
    We shall notice such events as comes to our knowledge that have transpired here: thinking it might be read with some degree of interest in a future day; for, they so closely correspond with the Prophetic predictions of the Holy Wisdom. If this war goes on, as it has begun;(and it seems likely that it will) I think every prophecy contained in those books will be fulfilled to the letter.
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    Kaelin R. Vernon

    "Do small things with great love" -Mother Teresa

    " Put your hands to work and your hearts to God" -Mother Ann Lee

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    Re: Are these not perilous times?

    Excellent post, Kaelin.

    Eldress Moore had no idea just how "prophetic" her writings were or the depths of the "destruction, distress, and desolation" of which she wrote.

    Great photos, too. Really looking forward to it!!

    J. Mark Choate
    7th TN. Cavalry, Co. D.

    "Let history dictate our impressions.......not the other way around!"


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      Re: Are these not perilous times?

      it looks like it will be an awesome event to bad i won't be able to go :(
      Nick Sparks

      Breckinridge Greys


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        Re: Are these not perilous times?

        Yep, that's what we're bringing this October - destruction, distress and desolation. Think of it as Bummers but as Confederates. This is going to be a blast!
        Matt Woodburn
        Retired Big Bug
        Hiram Lodge #7, F&AM, Franklin, TN
        "There is a fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness."


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          Re: Are these not perilous times?

          I'll say! I've been looking forward to this for quite a while.
          Warren Dickinson

          Currently a History Hippy at South Union Shaker Village
          Member of the original Pickett's Mill Interpretive Volunteer Staff & Co. D, 17th Ky Vol. Inf
          Former Mudsill
          Co-Creator of the States Rights Guard in '92