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  • Shiloh AAR

    I had fun. :-)
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    Re: Shiloh AAR

    I saw the photos Shiloh NMP posted on their Facebook page. The 15th Iowa looked fantastic!

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      Re: Shiloh AAR

      Mess No. 1 is in the Mystery Machine driving home from Shiloh right now. Before everyone gets rolling on the AAR's, we just want to thank the men of the 15th Iowa for putting together one of the best Federal impressions I have seen in the field.

      More importantly, we want to thank the WIG event staff for all of their hard work. We especially want to thank Matt Woodburn for his vision and for his enthusiasm in spearheading the event. Matt, you set the tone for the event, and we truly appreciate everything.

      Full AAR to come later. Hard to type in the car.
      Eric Tipton
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      Cincinnati, Ohio


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        Re: Shiloh AAR

        A big thanks and a tip of the Hardee to all those that made the 15th Iowa adjunct possible. I had a blast, as well as my friend who was introduced to his first campaigner event.

        Thanks again, and hope to see you all soon!

        Co. H
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        Jeff "Thad" Gallagher

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          Re: Shiloh AAR

          You guys looked fantastic. I wish I could have been with you, but had other obligations, fortunately serving under great guys like Dom Dal Bello and Cal Kinzer and in a good company with a lot of AoP guys, but when you marched buy, the guys in my company were all cheering you. Great job, well done.
          Frank Siltman
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            Re: Shiloh AAR

            Wont forget this one... Ever.

            Thanks to Mr Woodburn and everyone else responsible for somehow getting 500+ to shape an experience that will be carried in our memories for a lifetime.
            Aron Price


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              Re: Shiloh AAR

              Had an amazing time, my thanks to Col. Matt and the wig. This will be something I will never forget. On a side note if you are like me and just getting home check for tics! I had at least 8 found on me so make a quick check. But once again thanks to all involved it was great and a big thanks to Co. H
              Quentin Young

              Johnson's Island POW
              Calvin J. Clark Capt Co A 3rd Regt Tenn Vol. Surrendered at Donelson Feb.16th 1862. Residence Pulaski Tennessee.
              "Having left a happy home, wife & children & sseribled???? Life & fortune for your country. I hope the time is not far distant, almost at hand, when those who know you best will show their appreciation of the sacrifice you have made. & that country for which you risked so much. Grow proud for having sent for her-son to do her battles."


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                Re: Shiloh AAR

                Watching the 15th Iowa march into battle was definately a sight to see. Fantastic job boys!!! I felt like I was watching the real thing!

                James Teeple
                24th MO


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                  Re: Shiloh AAR

                  Seeing you guys march onto the field both days was amazing. Made me and fellow pards wish we had signed up had we not made prior commitments.
                  Curtis West

                  T.I.G. Mess


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                    Re: Shiloh AAR

                    You fellas looked amazing Sunday when we came out of the trees. Too bad they kept us in the woods for 40 minutes while the dismounted dou...well you know...ripple fired at y'all.
                    Galen Wagner
                    Mobile, AL

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                      Re: Shiloh AAR

                      I'm not going to lie, I was absolutely exhausted by Saturday afternoon, but I'm glad I went. The sight of a full size battalion was in and of itself a reason to go. We had a great company full of a standup group of guys. I never had to break out my corporal's book to assign a canteen detail because there were always volunteers. The amount of detailed planning that went into this was breath-taking, especially when considering the scale. I would say we've raised the bar, but in all honesty I don't think there are too many people who can bring off an event of this scope, and I consider it a testament to Matt Woodburn's vision, drive, and personality that he could conceive, plan, and manage the execution of this event. I know some of the names who were major players in this, but given the size of the endeavor I am convinced I don't know a quarter of them. I hope that at some point, (after he's taken a well-deserved vacation) that Col. Woodburn can post a list of the team members who helped pull this together so that we can recognize them.

                      My "moments" for the weekend:
                      1) Fife and Drum band playing during the lightning storm....EPIC
                      2) Being on the Sunday skirmish line
                      3) Being well and truly exhausted in battle
                      4) Washing my hair and face on Saturday night
                      5) New friends
                      6) Realizing that my sunburn on my face is extremely lopsided towards my left

                      Thanks Again to Everyone,
                      Andrew Jerram
                      late 3rd Cpl, Co. A, 15th Iowa
                      Kind Regards,
                      Andrew Jerram


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                        Re: Shiloh AAR

                        I will have to add to this that from our vantage point up front, (as the cavalry escort), looking back on the advancing column was one of the most breath-taking sites I have ever witnessed. The men making up the 15th Iowa looked tremendous you should be very proud! Also, seeing your officers properly mounted and accoutered and in the lead was a site to behold! Made the hair on my neck stand up!!

                        What a martial display!!!

                        J. Mark Choate
                        7th TN. Cavalry, Co. D.

                        "Let history dictate our impressions.......not the other way around!"


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                          Re: Shiloh AAR

                          There were many moments for me, but seeing the battalion assembled and marching past the Iowa monument is something I'll never forget.

                          Seeing some of the pics out there, I am amazed at how we looked. Our level of uniformity, in my mind anyway, seems to have been "just right". Thanks to everyone who put in the effort to make the event happen, including all the details.

                          I'd also like to comment on the cooperation of the battalion. We really functioned as a unit, rather than an assembly of companies.

                          Matt: You're the man!
                          John Wickett
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                            Re: Shiloh AAR

                            Short and Sweet.

                            A big thanks to 15th Iowa staff

                            A bigger thanks to the men in the ranks

                            Biggest thanks to Matt for the event planning and his faith in me

                            Pic's Please!

                            Your Servent
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                              Re: Shiloh AAR

                              I had a phenomenal time...personal highlights for me included:

                              -nearly falling asleep while playing the first boat load on to the landing
                              -being woken up frequently by columns of the 15th marching past
                              -playing yankee doodle while the 15th went in, and the watching our long line bust through the trees.....awesome
                              -the camp. I really don't feel the need to expand on how awesome it was.

                              Sorry the fife and drum corps had to dip out early, but with several members with work very early monday, another with a plane to catch, and myself with a 18 hour drive, we figured we had to strike camp a little early. Thanks for giving us the privilege to play for you all, and I hope we can play for a few more regiment sized efforts throughout the 150ths!

                              Ian Broadhead
                              Liberty Rifles
                              " Lee's Miserables"