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  • Related Historical Documents/Proclamations and Info

    G E O R G I A.
    Whereas, by the Proclamation of An-
    drew Johnson, President if the United
    States, dated 17th of June A. D. 1865, I have been appointed Provisional Governor
    Of the State of Georgia, with instructions to provide, at the earliest practicable period, such rules and regulations as may be necessary and proper for convening a Convention of the people, composed of delegates to be chosen by that portion of the people who are loyal to the United States and no others; and also with all the powers necessary and proper to enable such loyal people of said State to restore it to its constitutional relatiors to the Federal Government as will entitle the State to the guarantee of the United States therefor, and its people to the protection of the United States against invasion, insurrection and domestic violence.
    Now, therefore I, James Johnson, Pro-
    Visional Governor of the State of Georgia, as aforesaid proclaim and declare –
    1st. That an election for delegates to a Convention will be held on the first Wed-
    nesday in October A. D. 1865, at the different precincts at which elections are directed and authorized by law to be held for members of the Legislature.
    2d. That the thirty-seven counties in the State, which by law in force prior to the first of January, 1861, were intitled to two members of the House of Representatives, shall be authorized and entitled to elect tree delegates, and that the remaining counties shall each be authorized and entitled to elect to delegate to said Convention,
    3d. That no person such election shall be qualified as elector, or shall be eligible as a member of such Convention, unless he shall have previously thereto, taken and subscribed the oath of Amnesty, as set forth in the President’s Proclamation of May 29th A. D. 1865, and is a voter qualified as prescribed by the Constitution and laws of the State of Georgia, in force immediately before the 19th of January, A. D. 1861, the date of the so called Ordinance of Secession,
    4th, That any two Freeholders qualified to vote at such election as aforesaid, may act as manager of the election at each of the precincts as aforesaid, and that in managing and superintending such election, they shall be governed by and proceed under the laws of the State regulating and prescribing yje election of members of the Legislature, prior to the first of January, 1861; Provided, that each of said managers, before entering on the duties, prescribed, shall swear the other truly and faithfully to superintend and make return of said election according to law as aforesaid and the requirements of this Proclamation.
    5th. That the delegates who shall be elected as aforesaid, shall assemble in Convention at the city of Milledgeville, at 12 o’clock, meridian , on the first Wednesday of November, A. D., 1865.
    And whereas, The rebellion which has been waged by a portion of the people against the government of the United States has, in it revolutionary progress, deprived the people of the State of all civil government and whereas, they must remain without civil officers and the administration of civil law until a State Government shall have been organized by the Convention called as aforesaid, and whereas, it is necessary in the meantime that domestic tranquility be ensured, and that the loyal people be protected in all their rights of person and property, I do further proclaim and declare:
    1st. That no individual by virtue of his own authority, shall inflict corporal punishment on any person for any real or supposed injury, whether such injury relate to persons or property; and that in all such cases, redress must be sought from and given by such military authority over the cases.
    2d. That slavery is extinct and involuntary servitude no longer exists. Hence no person shall have control of the labor of another, other than such control as may lawfully result from indenture, the relation of parent and child, guardian and ward and the contract of hiring, freely and fairly made; and that for a breach of duty, on the part of any one standing in these relations, the military authority will administer in a summary manner, adequate and proper relief under the laws of the land.
    3d. That all riotous or tumultuous assemblages of the people, and also all assemblages for unlawful purposes and unlawful objects, will be dispersed; and to this end, if necessary, the military power of the United States will be invoked.
    4th. That the idea, if any such is entertained, that private property will be distributed or parceled out is not only delusive but dangerous and mischievous; and if any attempt should be made by any person or persons to effect such an object by violence or unlawful means, it will only secure to him or them speedy and merited punishment.
    5. To the end that the people may qualify themselves as voters, it will doubtless be the pleasure of the commissioned officers in the service of the United States, to have the oath of amnesty administered under the rules and regulations prescribed by the Secretary of State of the United States; and in this work, most earnestly despite and solicit cheerful co-operation of the people, so that Georgia may speedily be delivered of military rule; that she may once again regulate her own domestic affairs, and again enjoy the blessings of civil government, and be heard and felt by her Senators and Representatives in the councils of the nation.
    Done at Milledgeville, the Capitol of the State, on this, the 13th day of July, in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and sixty five and eighty ninth year of American Independence.
    Provisional Governor of Georgia
    By the Governor,
    L. H, Briscoe, Secretary

    This proclamation was printed weekly in nearly every publication in Georgia from July 1865-1866.
    Jim Butler
    Jim Butler

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    Re: Related Historical Documents/Proclamations and Info

    Oct 1865 Stewart County Soldier Status Report

    2nd GA Regiment – Co. K

    Died or Killed:
    Crocker, E.T. – Pvt - Killed Chickamauga, GA Sept 19, 1863.
    Ard, G.W. – Pvt - Wounded in right leg and amputated, Sharpsburg Sept 17, 1862. Paroled Ft. McHenry, Md and exchanged at Fort Monroe, VA May 17, 1863.
    Bartlett, James M. – Pvt - Admitted CSA Hospital in VA Nov 11, 1861. General Hospital in Lynchburg Apr 23, 1862. Died in Atlanta Hospital Oct 18, 1863. (Hospital)
    Richardson, William C – 2nd Lt – Dies Warrenton, Va 10/61
    Boynton, William W. – 2nd Sgt – Killed Sharpsburg 9/62
    Bowers, David – Pvt – Died Sept 15, 1862
    Chestnut, Charles W. Jr – Pvt – Died of smallpox, Hopsital 2nd Corp, Guinea Station, Va 1/63
    Dye, William H. – Pvt – Died Warrenton, Va 11/61
    Edwards, G.W. – Pvt – Died Nov 22, 1861.
    Farnham, J.W. – Pvt – Died of disease Manassas, VA 10/61
    Garrett, B.F. – Pvt – Killed near Richmond, Va 6/62
    Hadden, Daniel – Pvt – Died 2/62
    Hadden, Josiah B. – Pvt – Died Feb 1862.
    Halliday, D.W. – Pvt – Died Manassas, Va 3/62
    Hilliard, A.P. – Pvt – Died 11/61
    Hurley, James H. – Pvt – Killed2nd Manassas 1862
    Jackson, M.G. – Pvt – Died Sept, 1862
    Moore, W.J. – Pvt – Died Dec 1861.
    Richardson, C.W. – Pvt – Died 5/62 near Lynchburg, VA.
    Weathington, Julius – Pvt – Died Bronchitis at Chimorazo Hospital #4, Richmon 8/62
    Webb, W.A. – Pvt – Killed Darbytown Road, Va 10/64

    17th GA Regiment – Co. I

    Died or Killed:
    Fentrall, Hosea Jr. – Capt. Died of Typhoid fever in General Hospital, VA July 29, 1863.
    Wheeler, Matthew W. – 3rd Sgt – Died in General Hospital, Columbus, GA Oct 9, 1863 (Hospital).
    Mathews, Charles W. – Liet Colonel – Killed Chickamauga, Sept 20, 1863 (Buried in Westville at the last event)
    Dawson, Hollinger B – 2nd Lt – Captured and died at Johnsons Island, Ohio 12/63
    Crosson, Felix A. – Pvt – Died July 1862.
    Crosson, James L. – Pvt – Died of disease 11/62.
    Davis, Henry T. – Pvt – Died at Richmond, Va 7/62
    Dozier, Thomas, L – Pvt – Died in 2nd AL hospital in Va 5/62
    Harbuck, David – Pvt – Died in hospital 2/63
    Lamb, Nicholas P – Pvt – Wounded, captured at Gettysburg 7/63. Died in hospital 7/63
    Rasson, T. – Pvt – Died in Richmond, Va 5/62

    21st GA Regiment – Co. I

    Died or Killed:
    Graves, Thomas J .– 4th Sgt. Killed at Gettysburg July 2, 1863.
    Parker, James M – Wounded Cedar Run Aug 9, 1862. Died of Wounds Oct 16, 1863. (Hospital)
    Warren, Walter 2nd Lt – Killed Cold Harbor 6/64
    Kenyon, John P. Jr 2nd Lt. – “supposed dead Mar 1, 1864”
    McMickle, James 3rd Sgt – Died of Disease – Richmind, Va June 5, 1862
    May, Benjamin W. – 4th Sgt – Killed Cold Harbor 5/64
    Dudney, John – 1st Cpl – Killed Chancellorsville 5/63
    Thomaston, James M. 2nd Cpl – Killed Fredericksburg 12/62
    Adams, George W. – 3rd Cpl. – Killed Chancellorsvill 5/63
    Richardson, Sydney J – 4th Cpl – Killed Portsmouth, NC 4/64
    Banks, Governor H – Pvt – Died in hospital – Charlottesville, Va 4/62
    Benton, John, pvt – Die at Camp Smith due to peritonitis 12/61
    Brown, George L. _ died of sickness at Point Lookout, Md 4/65
    Brown, William W. Pvt – Killed at Cold Harbor 7/64
    Bush, Marion – Pvt – Died at Richmond, VA 7/62
    Cliatt, Jesse F. _ vt – Died at Culpepper, BA 4/62
    Curren, Edward – PVt – Killed at Cold Harbor 64
    Davenport, John Frank – Pvt - Killed at Snickers Ferry 7/64
    Dunaway, John F.M. – Pvt – Died at Cold Harbor 12/61
    Dunaway, Wiley M. – Pvt – Died of disease at Culpper, Va hospital 1/62
    Elliot, Samuel W. – Killed at 2nd Manassas 8/62
    Floyd, George J – Pvt – Died at Culpepper, Va 4/62
    Garland, Samuel W. – Died at Hospital #2 in Lynchburg, Va 5/62
    Glynn, John – Pvt. – Killed at 2nd Manassas 8/62
    Goodwin, Parker – Died at Culpepper, va 4/62
    Hickson, Benjamin, F – Pvt – Killed Cold Harbor 6/62
    Hines, Erasmus R. – Pvt – Died at Richmond, Va 5/62
    Hudson, W. N. _ Pvt – Died at Hsopital #13 Raleigh, NC 8/64
    Jones, George W. – Pvt – Killed in Valley of Va 1864
    Jones, Jasper, F – Pvt – Died of typhoid in Centerville, Va 11/61
    Kent, Josiah M. – Pvt – Killed Drewerys Bluff, VA 5/64
    Kenyon, Harrison – Pvt – Killed 2nd Manassas 8/62
    Kolb, Harmon H. – Pvt – Killed 2nd Manassas 8/62
    Kolb, Richard S. – Pvt – Wounded Cold Harbor June 1862. Died of wounds at home in Stewart County Nov 25, 1862
    Maree, James – Pvt – Killed in Valley of VA 1864
    Martin, Samuel P – Pvt – Died o Typhoid near Centerville, Va 10/61
    Moore, James J. – Pvt – Died of disease 1864
    Moore, John R. – Pvt – died of disease at Culpepper, Va 4/62
    Morris, James G – Pvt – Died of variola at Lynchburg, Va 12/62
    Owens, James – Pvt – Died at Charlottesville, Va 5/65
    Phillips, James – Pvt – Died at Camp Wright, Va 9/61
    Pierce, Capel – Pvt – Died of disease in Va 5/64
    Russeau, John M – Pvt – Killed Chancellorsville, Va 5/63
    Sapp, Lemuel – Pvt – Captured neat Washington DC, Died of pneumonia at Elmira NY 12/64
    Sasser, Bryan S – Pvt – Died of variola Hospital 2nd Corp, ANV, 5/63
    Smith, Richard t – Pvt – Supposed dead.
    Smith, William W – Pvt – Died of measles in Lynchburg, Va 4/62
    Spires, William – Pvt – Killed at Fredericksburg 12/62
    Stevens, John W. – Pvt – Killed at Charlestown, Va 8/64
    Tilley, Walter J – Cpl – Killed 2nd Manassas 8/62
    Trammell, John a. – Pvt – Killed at Farmville, VA 7/62
    Trotman, Colin – Pvt – Supposed dead.
    Welsh, Bird – Pvt – Killed at Winchester, Va 4/63
    Williamson, Henry C. – Pvt – Killed at 2nd Manassas 8/62

    31st GA Regiment – Co. E

    Died or Killed:
    Chestnut, Thomas R. – Wounded at Winchester, VA June 13, 1863. Died of wounds June 25, 1863.
    Holtzclaw, William H.B. – Died of small pox at Lynchburg, VA June 28, 1863.
    Patterson, William B. – 2nd Liet – Killed at Gettysburg July 2, 1863
    Surles, Martin L. – Died of chronic diarrhea in General Hospital, Liberty, VA Sept 27, 1863.
    Powell, James W. – Captured at Williamsport, MD July 14, 1863. Died at Point LookOut Oct 1863.
    Bostwick, Azariah G – 4th Sgt – Killed at Fredicksburg 12/62
    Averett, George W. – Pvt – Killed at Sharpsburg 7/62
    Baker, Major A. – Pvt – Died at Camp Phillips, Ga 3/62
    Burks, William T. – Pvt – Died of smallpox in hospital of 2nd Corp at Guinea Station, VA 1/63.
    Carroll, Turner – Pvt – Died of pneumonia near Charlottesville, Va 7/62
    Chestnut, Charles – Pvt – Died of small pox in hospital in Guinea Station, VA 1/63
    DeLamar, Josephus – Pvt – Killed at Cold Harbor 6/62
    Dudley, John L – Pvt – Killed at Cold Harbor, Va 6/62
    Dunaway, Thomas Reed – Pvt – Killed at Cold Harbor 6/62
    Ivey, Thomas J. – Pvt – Wounded and captured at Monocacy, Va 7/64. Died of wounds in USA Hospital in Frederick, Md 9/64
    Jones, M. – Pvt – Died at Richmond, Va 7/62
    Jones, Wilbur B – Pvt – Died at Gordonsville, VA 7/62
    Lofley, Newton L. – Pvt – Died ay Beaulieu near Savannah, Ga 5/62
    McBride, William W. – Pvt – Killed Chancellorsville 5/63
    McClendon, John T – Pvt – Died of disease Savannah, Ga 5/62
    Middleton, John – Pvt – Died at Danville, Va 1863
    Parramore, Henry C- Cpl – Died of typhoid in Lynchburg, Va 7/62. Body packed up and moved to Columbus, GA.
    Patterson, William B – 2nd Lt – Killed at Gettysburg 7/63
    Perkins, Thomas W. – Killed Cold Harbor, Va 6/62
    Pesrons, James Turner – Pvt – Died of disease at Winchester, Va 11/62
    Phillips, Jackson – Pvt – Died at Gordonsville, Va.
    Phillios, James Russell – Pvt – Died at Beauliey near Savannah, Ga 5/62
    Pierce, J. Wilson – Pvt – Wounded at Cold Harbor Va 6/62. Died of Wounds in Lumpkin, GA Sept 1, 1862.
    Pope, John W.B. – Pvt – Killed at Monocacy, Md 7/64
    Pope, Lazurus W. – Pvt – Killed Cold Harbor 6/62
    Powell, Griffin G – Pvt – Killed at Spotsylvania, VA 5/64
    Roverts, William H. – Pvt – Died of disease Gordonsville, Va 7/62
    Slaughter, George B – 2nd Sgt – Killed at Cold Harbor, Va 6/64
    Slocumb, Stephen W. – Pvt – Died at Skidaway Island, Ga 3/62
    Spense, Bluford – Pvt – Died of typhoid in Chimborazo Hospital #2 in Richmond, Va 3/63
    Thornton, Thomas T – Pvt – Wounded at Wilderness, Va 6/64. Died of wounds at Charlottesville, Va 9/64
    Walker, Benjamin P – Pvt – Killed at Chantilly, Va 9/62
    Woodham, Thomas A – Pvt – Killed at Fredricksburg, VA 12/62

    46th GA Regiment – Co. G – Army of TN

    Died or Killed:
    Morris, James E. – Pvt – Discharged disease. Died at home in Stewart County Dec 12, 1863.
    Armstrong, James L. – Pvt - Died in Kingston, GA Oct 3, 1863 (Hospital).
    Swift, Jonathan Sidney – Pvt - Died Sept 15, 1863.
    Brown, John T – 2nd Cpl – Killed near Kennesaw Mtn, Ga 6/64
    Fort, Tomlinson – 4th Cpl – Died at Cassville, GA 1/64
    Armor, Milton J – Pvt – Died in Marine hospital at Charleston Sc 10/62
    Armor, William H – Pvt – Died at home in GA 7/62
    Armstrong, James L – Pvt – Died in Kingston, GA hospital 10/63
    Cleveland, Benjamin H – Pvt – Killed near Kennesaw Mtn, GA 6/64
    Cobb, William J – Pvt – Killed in skirmish near Atlanta, Ga 7/64
    Dunaway, W. Frank – Pvt – Died in Marietta, GA hospital 1/64
    Duskin, William Jackson – Pvt – Died 10/64.
    Flannigan, M.M – Pvt – Killed near Atlanta, Ga 1864.
    Geesling, James N. – Pvt – Wounded and captured near Kennesaw Mtn 6/64. Died of wounds in General Hospital near Chattanooga, TN 7/64
    Houghton, John B. – Pvt – Captured. Died of pneumonia at Rock Ilsand, Ill 1/64
    Houghton, John Thomas – Pvt – Died at Cassville, GA 12/63
    Jones, Mills J. – Pvt – Died at Summerville, SV 7/62
    Mathewson, James M. – Pvt – Died at Charleston, SC 5/62
    McKennon, E. Angus – Pvt – Died at Charleston, SC 7/62
    Miller, John C – Pvt – Died ay Grahamville, SC 5/64
    Morris, James E. – Pvt – Died at home in Stewart County, GA 12/63
    Nicholson, Wingate – Pvt – Died of typhoid in Fair Grounds hospital at Atlanta, Ga 3/64. Buried Oakland Cemetary.
    Owens, Henry A – Pvt – Died in Camp Gregg, Ca 4/62
    Owens, J. Thomas – Died at home 1/64.
    Parker, Franklin – Pvt – Captured and Died Camp Chase, Ohio 5/65
    Parkman, Francis M – Pvt – Killed at Kennesaw Mtn 6/64
    Presley, Jabez N. – Pvt – Captured and exchanged. Died of disease on Steamer Emeral near Vicksburg, Miss 11/62.
    Purcell, J.G. – Pvt – Died at Atlanta, GA 7/62. Buried Oakland Cemetary.
    Redmon, William – Pvt – Killed at Franklin, TN 11/64
    Reeves, Jaems A. – Died at Charleston, SC 8/62
    Sims, Andrew Jackson – Pvt – Killed near Kennesaw Mtn, Ga 6/64
    Sims, Charles Mathison – Pvt – Killed near Kennesaw Mtn, Ga 6/64
    Smith, Henry S. – Pvt – Killed near Kennesaw Mtn, Ga 6/64
    Stephens, Middleton J. – Pvt – Died at Dalton, Ga 12/63
    Swift, Jonathan Sidney – Pvt – Died Sept 1863.
    Terry, George N. – Pvt – Died of disease in Stewart Cty, GA 8/64.
    Weathersby, Stephen W. – Pvt – Died at Citadel hospital at Charleston, SV 11/62
    Wilder, James F. – Pvt – Killed in skirmish near Pine Mtn, Ga 6/64
    York, Hamilton C. – Pvt – Killed at Atlanta, Ga 7/64
    Jim Butler


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      Re: Related Historical Documents/Proclamations and Info

      Washington. Aug 23, 1865
      SIR:--A copy of the President’s Amnesty Proclamation of his date is herewith appended. By a clause in the instrument the Secretary of State is directed to establish rules and regulations for administering and recording the Amnesty Oath, so as to insure its benefits to the people and guard the Government against fraud. Pursuant to this injunction you are informed that the oath prescribed in the proclamation may be taken and subscribed before any commissioned officer, civil, military or naval, in the service or the United States, or any civil or military officer or a loyal State or Territory, who by the laws thereof may be qualified for administering oaths. All who receive such oaths are hereby authorized to give certified copies thereof to the persons respectively by where they were made: and such officers are hereby required to transmit the originals of such oaths, at as early a day as may be convenient. To this department. Where they will be deposited and remain in the archieves of the Government. A register thereof will be kept in the department, and on application, in proper cases, certificates of such will be issued in the customary form of official certificates.
      I am, sir, your obedient servant.
      Secretary of State.
      In all cases the officer administering the oath will require, in addition to such other evidence as he may deem necessary, the affidavit of the application that he is not excepted from the benefits of the Proclamation by any one of the exceptions therein made,
      All persons excepted above will be required to make special application in writing through District Head Quarters, for the permission to be allowed the benefit of said amnesty. Said application must set forth the clause under which they are excepted and accompany the same by an affidavit that the person applying does not come under any other of the exceptions.
      By Command of
      Brevt. Brig. Gen. WASHBURN.
      W.H. Keller,
      Liet. & A.A.A.G.
      Jim Butler