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  • Registration Closes OCT 1st

    Citizens and Soldiers:

    Registration for Surrender of Secession - Westville, GA 1865 closes October 1st, 2012. We only have 14 slots left open before we go to a waiting list. If you plan to attend, I would not delay in registering. We do have openeings for yeoman class ladies, Federal Infantry, Gin wright, disabled and unemployed Confederate veterans, store clerk, and one wealthy plantation owner slot left.
    Go to the website for details at

    Here is the current registration list as of Sept 14, 2012:Anderson John Snelling, John (Abe Holton) Freedman/Boot Shop worker
    Armstrong Susan McCuller, Penelope Laundress/Domestic
    Bailey Lana Childress, Susan E. Farmers wife
    Barragan Vera Sapp, Minerva Freedman/Farmer
    Beedle Joe McGuire, Brian US Treasury Agent
    Berezuk Pete Canaday, James * Grocer/Dry Goods/Banker
    Bergstrom Gary Roberts, James Woodworker
    Biederman Bernard Biederman, John Grocer from St. Louis
    Biren David Decker, Levi Pvt. - 176th NY Infantry
    Blocker Terri Dees, Rebecca Seamstress/Domestic
    Blunt Alicia Singer, Martha Tailor's wife
    Blunt Joe Singer, John II Tailor
    Bonifay Sue Elliott, Elizabeth refugee from TN
    Bopp Chris Thornton, Rufus Dentist
    Boulden Kimberly Harper, Sarah Restaurant owners wife
    Boulden Paul Harper, William Restaurant Owner
    Brady Brian Harris, Jerry J. Trooper Trooper - 4th Iowa Cavalry
    Bridges Mark 4th Cpl. Francis A. Damewood 4th Cpl - 4th Iowa Cavalry
    Brown Kris Argo, Richard Disabled veteran-21st GA, Co I
    Bruce Jim Porter, J.L. Town Doctor
    Bruce Kimberly Canaday, Mary * Grocer/Dry Goods
    Butler Brian Plummer, William Pvt. Pvt. - 176th NY Infantry
    Butler Jim Lewis, Charles Lt. Col. Lt. Col - 176th NY
    Caldwell David Brown, William T. Trooper Trooper - 4th Iowa Cavalry
    Caldwell Pinkie Snelling, Ann Freedman/Farmer
    Cantrell Dick Irwin, John C. Trooper - 4th Iowa Cavalry
    Caridi Joseph Clifton, N.G. Restraunt Cook
    Chastain David Hegert. Henry Pvt. - 176th NY Infantry
    Choate Mark Kelly, Samuel P. 2nd Liet. 2nd Liet. - 4th Iowa Cavalry
    Clark Amie Colver, Anna E. Farmers wife
    Clark Sara Colver, Sara Farmers daughter
    Clark Shaun Colver, Shaun Farmers son
    Collett Lori Kidd, Mary G. Ministers wife
    Collett Robert Kidd, J.H. Goss Rev. Minister
    Comer Michael Veros, Elon Farmer/Deputy Sheriff
    Connolly Betsy Cadwallader, Sallie Tecaher-American Missionary Asso.
    Cook Walter Sheirling, Robert F. Store Clerk / veteran 59th GA
    Cooper Kristen Darling, Elizabeth Brokers wife / Cook
    Cooper Sean Gill, Frederick, 1st Liet. Adjutant - 176th NY
    Crabb Beth Haus, Martha Merchant-Ezra Barnhouse
    Craddock Patrick Coxsen, William H., Capt Capt - 176th NY Infantry
    Deagon Michael Childress, Abraham Farmer
    Decker Wendell Garland, John Ambrotypst
    Deese Greg Kukery, E.J. Clerk of Court
    DiPalma Matt Bryan, Loverd Retired Senator/Election Official
    DiPalma Penny Bryan, Elizabeth Senators wife
    Dominguez Jean Rutherford, Lizzie Confederate Memorial Society
    Edmiston Kevin Hannah, Alexander Private - 176th NY
    Edmiston Mary May, Mary cook/domestic
    Ehas Jeff Walker, Freeman Farmer
    Ehas Lauren Walker, Edney Boarding House Owner
    Fay Kirby James Bergstrom, Jerome Tavern worker/Shoe Shine Boy
    Feagle Ronald Angern, Edward Pvt Pvt - 176th NY Infantry
    Fears Joel V., Sr. Barge, Adam Freedman/Farmer
    Fears Mary Barge, Lucinda Freedman/Farmer'
    Federico Thomas Cox, S.M. Prosecuting Attorney
    Filson Chantal Childress, Nancy widow refugee
    Flowers Willie Joe Dudney, Abraham Freedman/Livery worker
    Gangler Joey Griner, Joseph Cotton Gin Foreman
    Gasiel Nanci Ard, Nancy Farmers wife/Farmer
    Giddens Cris McDonald, Hannah Brokers wife
    Giddens Ken McDonald, Edward Cotton Broker
    Glaser Naomi Rawson, Naomi Freedman-Sheep Farmer
    Glaser Teresa Spires, Cloe Sheep Farmer
    Gnagey Kay Holoman, Catherine Dressmaker
    Goodeau Kristina Welch, Eliza Domestic
    Goodeau Paul Daniels, Jerome Cpl. Cpl. - 176th NY Infantry
    Graber Casey Dismukes, Garland Gin Wright
    Graffweg Gary Lantznester, F.A. Carpenter
    Grim Andrew James Ellison Johnston Sheriff Deputy
    Hammond Heath Childress, John * Farmer
    Hannah James M. Hiatt, John W. Trooper Trooper - 4th Iowa Cavalry
    Hardcastle Ginny Applewhite, Sharlott Farmers wife
    Hardie Chappell Surles, Rebecca widow-Rag Rug maker
    Harl Tara Parker, Lana Planter's wife from Talbot, GA
    Harrell Ann Peake, Mary Northern Relief Worker
    Heitman Kathleen Hogan, Annie Domestic
    Helton Joshua Dean, William Trooper Trooper - 4th Iowa Cavalry
    Helton Michael Irwin, Emerick Trooper Trooper - 4th Iowa Cavalry
    Helton Thomas Smith, John R. 2nd Sgt 2nd Sgt - 4th Iowa Cavalry
    Henry Ed Yarborough, John Tavern Keeper
    Hensley Maegan Childress, Martha * Farmer
    Hicks Brian Wall, P.G. - Lt. Col Judge Advocate - Lt. Col.
    Hollis Matthew Brown, Alfred B. Pvt. - 176th NY Infantry
    Horne-Rone Sarah Lucy Snelling Freedman
    Jerram Andrew Gray, Charles W. Federal Staff clerk
    Jones Joanna Jones, Joana Teacher-American Missionary Assoc.
    Kasmar Andrew Hawes, Lafayette Store Clerk
    Key Sherry McKee, Elizabeth Refugee from Columbia, SC
    Kimmel Gina Childress, Nancy * rural farmer
    Kirby Mike Everett, William diasbled veteran - 31st GA
    Knopp Ken Singer, John G. Jr. Boot Maker/Contractor
    Kosek Keith Doyle, William S. Pvt. - 176th NY Infantry
    Lambert Joseph Parsons, John G.Trooper Trooper - 4th Iowa Cavalry
    Landry Dennis Davis, Greene L Trooper. Trooper - 4th Iowa Cavalry
    Lauger Casey Ard, Mary * Domestic/Farmer
    Lawson Terre Stoker, Angeline Textiles/Grocer
    Lelegren Kelly Hobbs, Catherine Tinsmith's wife
    Lelegren Shay Hobbs, William Tinsmith
    Lloyd Johnny Andrew J. County Tax Collector
    Lloyd Joni Davis, Cynthia Cook/Domestic
    Locke Matthew Locke, Matthew Cotton Broker from England
    Locke Stacey Lock, Nancy vistor from Putnam Cty, GA
    Lynn Bevin Hogan, Maggie Domestic
    MacGill Suzie Garland, Sarah Assistant
    Manley Christopher Williams, Uriah E. Farmer
    Manley Jaden Williams, William R. farmers son
    Manley Melissa Williams, Sarah Farmers wife
    Manley Mia Williams, Marie farmers daughter
    Mansell Kenneth Bobbitt, Benjamin Trooper Trooper - 4th Iowa Cavalry
    McAllister Patrick McAllister, Joseph Sheriff
    McClendon Bob Holtzinger, Milton S. Capt. Capt.-4th Iowa Cavalry
    McIntosh Bill Broun, William Restraunt worker
    McKie Mia Stoker, Charity Freedman-Domestic
    McMillan Alma Snelling, Manda Freedman/Farmer
    Merritt Hal Smith, B.F. Show Promoter/Planter
    Miller Cole Meister, Robert Pvt. Private - 176th NY Infantry
    Miller Todd Wright, George Pvt. Private - 176th NY Infantry
    Mooren Paul Swamp Owl Creek Indian - Laborer
    Mueller Phyllis Griffin, Rebecca Farmers wife
    Murray Rob Balloch, George Mjr Freedmans Bureau Agent
    Musgrove Guy Page, William, 8th Cpl. 8th Cpl - 4th Iowa Cavalry
    Musselman Rick Visage, P.R. Butcher
    Myers Diana Gould, Martha Butter Churning
    Nyland Linda Walker, Lucy Farmers wife
    O'Neil Kennesa May, Mary * farmers daughter
    Odam Ailsa Parker, Wilma * Planter's daughter from Talbot, GA
    Orrand Elaine Richardson, Nancy Farmers wife
    Orrand Robert Richardson, Richmond Farmer
    Owens Thomas 'Skip' Gillis, Malcolm Farmer / CSA Veteran 46th GA
    Owens-Trombley Jessica Gillis, Jessica Farmers wife
    Parrott Edward-Ted Childress, Andrew * Farmer
    Pearson Joshua Ragan, John Pvt. Pvt. - 176th NY Infantry
    Peterson Patrick Reeves, Eliza, 6th Cpl. 6th Cpl - 4th Iowa Cavalry
    Petry Justine Barr, Justine refugee/cooks assitant
    Rachal Thomas King, John Pvt Pvt. - 176th NY Infantry
    Rich Jason Lawrence, Henry Boot Maker
    Robbins Aurora Williams, Lucy C. granddaughter
    Robbins Shorty Williams, Lucy Merchants widow
    Roberts Jordan Coppedge, John T. Mason
    Rodman William Cronk, William Pvt. -176th NY Infantry
    Rosher Jerelene Sapp, Jane Freedman/Farmer
    Runions Tom Bedingfield, Bryan Druggist
    Runyon Christen Keene, Polly Visiting actor/singer/dancer
    Runyon Justin Dunaway, John M. City Planner
    Sanderson Bryan Sapp, A.W. Groundskeeper
    Schuricht Robin Young, Isabell Visitor from Ohio/Store Clerk
    Shogren Andy Yarborough, Thomas Tavern Keeper
    Silva Paul Peterburger, Samuel Boot Shop worker
    Simpson Bev Barr, Mary L. Teamsters wife/cook
    Simpson Cami Barr, Eva daughter
    Simpson Mark Barr, Thomas G. Teamster
    Simpson Travis Barr, Allen son
    Smallcomb Megan Woodruff, Mollie * Vegetable Farmer
    Smith David D. League, David Trooper Trooper - 4th Iowa Cavalry
    Smith Matherlyn Snelling, Harriet Freedman/Farmer
    Smotherman Joe Gage, Samuel Sgt Mjr. Sgt Mjr - 176th NY Infantry
    Sothan Michael Woodruff, William * Vegetable Farmer
    Sowa Jared Walker, Benj Store Clerk
    Sowa Lara Walker, Martha Boarding House worker
    Spring Megan Brogier, Ann widow
    Stewart Chris Cain, John R. - Trooper Trooper - 4th Iowa Cavalry
    Stieghan David Dodge, Robert Cotton Broker from NH
    Stocks Earl Wood, Robert C. - Trooper Trooper - 4th Iowa Cavalry
    Townsend Tony Jackson, William E. 3rd Sgt 3rd Sgt - 4th Iowa Cavalry
    Trent Hank Stearnes, Charles (Thomas) Northern Investors
    Trent Linda Stearnes, Elizabeth Northern Investors
    Tucker Ronnie Calicutt, Francis M. - 3rd Cpl. 3rd Cpl. - 4th Iowa Cavalry
    Uhlir Frank 'Chip' Tye, James Overseer
    Underwood Tyler Leary, Timothy Cpl. Cpl. - 176th NY Infantry
    Verdon Andrew Rowe, Henry C. Trooper - 4th Iowa Cavalry
    Vincent Marta Mercer, Mary Seamstress
    Waddell Mark Bronwell, Alfred C. Trooper Trooper - 4th Iowa Cavalry
    Welsher Amelia Cain, Anne Farmers wife
    Welsher Jonathan Cain, Whitfield Cotton Farmer
    Wester Jeremy Williamson, Levi B. Trooper Trooper - 4th Iowa Cavalry
    Willar Nathan Brooks, Joseph W. Teamster
    Williams Azoria Snelling, Claricy/Emily Freedman/Farmer
    Williams Daniel Odam, A.J. Blacksmith
    Williams Kaleb Wilder, William Boot Shop worker/46th GA vet
    Woodard Lora Singer, Louisa - 46 Boot Shop owners wife
    Woodburn Matt Burke, Charles Broker & Mayor
    Woodliff Dylan Norokin, James Special artist/illustrator
    Young Matt Evans, Carl Defense attorny
    Zadina Bridger Henry, William Pvt Private - 176th NY Infantry
    Jim Butler

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    Re: Registration Closes OCT 1st

    Okay, Registration is officially closed for Surrender of Secession. But, we are extending registration to Oct 12th to anyone who wishes to come as Federal Infantry.For info see

    Jim Butler
    Jim Butler