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Home Guard Adjunct for the 148th Battle of Selma 2013

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  • Home Guard Adjunct for the 148th Battle of Selma 2013

    * Identified unit impression

    The Selma defenders consisted of Forrest's Tennessee escort company, McCullough's Missouri Regiment, Crossland's Kentucky Brigade, Roddey's Alabama Brigade, Frank Armstrong's Mississippi Brigade, General Daniel W. Adams' state reserves, and the citizens of Selma who were "volunteered" to man the works. Altogether this force numbered less than 4,000, only half of who were dependable.

    We will protray these State reserves and the citizens who defended the works.

    * Impression guidelines based on historic data

    Our guidleines are posted at:

    Note that HG/M represents accepted items for Home Guard and Militia. The standard civilian clothes listed are for the citizen impressions.

    Civilian rifles and shotguns, etc are appropriate for the citizen band, and military weapons are OK for the reserves. Pikes are also allowed.

    * Established organization and structure with reasonable goals for numbers.

    The Yellowhammer Rifle are hosting this adjunct. We will have a Company Commander (to be determined) for the State Reserves and NCO's will be assigned prior to the event. The citizens will be supervised by the State Reserves command structure in the form of a Lt. of the Home Guard. Our goal is 25 HG/M and 25 citizens.

    * Activities outside the event standard schedule that add value to the event for the participant.

    The HG/M will be marched in prior to the battle scenarios. Citizens will be escorted into the works by Cavalry, whereby those without weapons will be issued them.

    * Traditional EBUFU activities: rations, guard, drill, some level of immersion even if temporary (i.e., overnight picket or short march, based on historic actions of course!)"

    A ration issue is planned for Saturday (the troops will likely be fed lunch in the works.) There is ample opportunity for first person interaction in the works, as well as in town prior to being escorted into the works. No real opportunity for immersion.

    All the info about the event can be found at:
    Galen Wagner
    Mobile, AL

    Duty is, then, the sublimest word in our language.Do your duty in all things. You cannot do more. You should never wish to do less. -Col. Robert E.Lee, Superintendent of USMA West Point, 1852