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Missourians at Vicksburg

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  • Missourians at Vicksburg


    I putting together a company for Mr. Landrum's LH in May. We will be representing the 1st/4th Missouri at Vicksburg. This will be an opportunity to represent some of the best troops in the war who rarely get their due. If you're a Missourian or would like to be one for the weekend, please join us.

    Guidelines for Missourians at Vicksburg

    All clothing should be constructed of proper period materials and patterns with proper methods. At a minimum, buttonholes should be hand sewn Jacket:

    Jacket: Columbus Depot jacket Strongly encouraged.
    ... Other western CS jacket: Atlanta, Mobile accepted but please try to have a CD jacket.

    Trousers: Jean trousers of proper pattern and construction, preferably gray to match.

    Headwear: Civilian slouch hat of proper materials and construction preferred. Kepi is also acceptable.

    Shoes: Confederate style brogan or oxfords. Federals brogans acceptable

    Canteen: Tin drum or wooden canteen.

    Leathers: Appropriate leathers for Western CS impression.

    Belts: Roller buckle, Georgia Frame, or with an acceptable AoT buckle from mid war.

    Weapons: Enfield. The brigade was issued Enfields in May 1863. This is highly recommended! If you do not have one, please try to borrow one. 61, 42 and 55 Springfield accepted if it is all you have. Bayonet to match weapon.

    Haversack: Cloth or painted cloth based on known examples of CS haversacks.

    Knapsack: Known CS style Kibbler, single bag etc.
    Blanket rolls also accepted

    Blanket Civilian wool blanket, quilt, coverlets

    Groundcloth Painted cloth preferred, rubber gum blankets accepted.

    Tentage: Tents, if allowed by event, will be limited. Flies and shebangs made of ground cloths and gum blankets will be encouraged.

    It should go without saying that modern anachronisms have no place at this event.
    Michael Comer
    one of the moderator guys