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Vicksburg is the Key- Where to go when we get to the park

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  • Vicksburg is the Key- Where to go when we get to the park

    There was some miscom when I sent an email to the area COs, so I wanted to point some things out to everyone.

    First, Registration DOES NOT close at 430. We are moving the table up to the parking lot near the Visitor Center so we can process you easier after 5 (when the Gates close)

    For those that were at the event in 2007, registration will be in the same spot as it was then. All you need to do during regular operating hours of the park is tell the person at the gate that you are with the Living History Group. Pass through the large arch of the park and take your first left. This will take you to the maintenance area where you will park for the weekend and register. We will then tell you how to get to your area. Drop your stuff and carpoolers and come back to be shuttled back to your camp site. Shuttles AND registration will move at 430 to the parking lot of the Visitor Center.

    YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN FOR FOOD ON FRIDAY- Check with your Demo Area CO for time to report back. For the ones in the 3rd Louisiana, that time is 730 pm.

    REGISTRATION CLOSES AT MIDNIGHT. If you arrive after, you will not be taken back to your area on the line. Registration will not be there and the park gates will be closed AND LOCKED. Please call me if you need to make later arrangements. I will provide my number if you send me a PM.
    Patrick Landrum
    Independent Rifles

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    Re: Vicksburg is the Key- Where to go when we get to the park

    I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank Patrick Landrum and the rest of the IR for a great weekend and great program. I had a blast, the public loved it, and the NPS was quite pleased. I'm very much looking forward to the next event or effort y'all plan.
    Warren Dickinson

    Currently a History Hippy at South Union Shaker Village
    Member of the original Pickett's Mill Interpretive Volunteer Staff & Co. D, 17th Ky Vol. Inf
    Former Mudsill
    Co-Creator of the States Rights Guard in '92