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Thanks from Vicksburg NMP!

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  • Thanks from Vicksburg NMP!

    To all of you who made the trip down and spent a crazily cold couple of nights in Vicksburg I hope Saturday made it worthwhile. Friday night actually set a record for May!

    We thoroughly enjoyed having you here and I know our visitors did also. I have heard nothing but good from the rangers that were in the other two locations. For myself I wanted to thank the two groups portraying Missouri and Illinois Men on the two ends of Graveyard Road. You did great service to the memory of those that fought here 150 years ago. It was a honor to work with both of you and it was wonderful to see some quality impressions in the park. I had alot of fun with both sides enjoying the antics of some of the Missouri Boys as well as talking some good History with those on the Illinois side. You all made me miss getting out to some quality Civil War events, which I will have to do in 2014. Hopefully we can get some of you down here to the park again in the future.

    There are close to 40 pictures from the event posted on the Vicksburg National Military Park Facebook page, feel free to browse through and check them out. Feel free to send in any of your own from the event as well. I hope everyone made it home safe and enjoys the other events they get out to this year. Thanks again for volunteering to help out with our Sesquicentennial!
    Jake Koch
    The Debonair Society of Coffee Coolers, Brewers, and Debaters

    -Pvt. Max Doermann, 3x Great Uncle, Co. E, 66th New York Infantry. Died at Andersonville, Dec. 22, 1864.
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    -Pvt. Carl Sievert, 3x Great Uncle, Co. H, 7th New York Infantry (Steuben Guard). Mortally Wounded at Malvern Hill.

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    Re: Thanks from Vicksburg NMP!

    Jake, you did a great job as well. As I've already told you you helped create one of the most memorable experiences the most of us have had in this hobby. Thank you.
    Rod Miller
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    Gettysburg BGA- Chaplain WilliamWay, 24th MI US
    1864 Charleston Riot-Judge Charles Constable "Copperhead".
    Bermuda Hundred Campaign-USCC Field Agent J.R. Miller


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      Re: Thanks from Vicksburg NMP!

      Jake, I cannot tell you how appreciative we are that we had the chance to be at the Missouri monument this weekend. It was indeed a unique experience for many of us to honor the men that so often are overlooked in Civil War history. And, it was great to be there on the weekend that was 'Missouri Day' and be able to take part in that ceremony at the monument. Thanks for all everyone did at the park to make us feel so welcome. I enjoyed myself thoroughly and had much positive feedback from the rest of the CS Missouri bunch.
      Michael Comer
      one of the moderator guys


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        Re: Thanks from Vicksburg NMP!

        First, thanks for helping out with hooking up the delivery of the shelter halves. They were used and appreciated! Thanks for the great support by the park staff for the event. Well run and we had fun at the 45th IL site.
        Frank Siltman
        24th Mo Vol Inf
        Cannoneer, US Army FA Museum Gun Crew
        Member, Oklahoma Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission
        Company of Military Historians
        Lawton/Fort Sill, OK

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