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Many Thanks for Vicksburg

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  • Many Thanks for Vicksburg

    I typically take a few days after events to let everything soak in before making a post, but wanted to do so while everything was still fresh.

    First, I want to thank the staff at Vicksburg for allowing the Independent Rifles to continue to host events there for so many years. One thing we have continued to do through this time is always present a new program, and I hope that continues ( like our event in February 2014!)

    This Idea is something I've wanted to do for YEARS. a multi stop program on an NPS site has a large amount of hurdles to overcome. First the park has to be on board with enough resources to split in all directions. Second and most importantly I need capable group leaders that had education, management and event hosting experience to virtually take control of their area so I didn't have to be in all places at once. Eric Fair, Holler, Rod Miller, Michael Comer, Silas Tackitt, Herb Coats and lastly, Elizabeth Landrum provided that experienced backbone I needed to pull this off. To that group I am entirely and eternally grateful. Without you all this would not have happened.

    As I remind the membership of the IR, our name goes well beyond my own name. To Jeff Thompson, Jason Thibadeaux, Jason Broussard, Brian DesRochers, Joe Smotherman, Chris Stacey, Chuck Lehman, Alan Prather and the rest of the membership in attendance THANK YOU for helping with registration, research rations and all the leg work on site. It is truly an honor to be friends with all of you and push our group forward.

    To everyone that registered and attended, thank you all for helping me check one big accomplishment off of my bucket list. Without all of you showing up and taking the time away from family and obligations, this would have been me sitting in a park by myself. For me, giving each company the raw materials for rations and hearing all the stories about how each group did different thing showed the limitless amount of field craft and skill that attended this event. I am truly lucky beyond words.

    Nathan "Holler" Hellwig. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have taken this idea from a thought to an actual event. Thank YOU.

    Lastly, I want to thank my wife Elizabeth. She, Cathy And Caroline Smith provided a side of the story rarely told at programs and hopefully added to the experience for the 45th Illinois group. beyond that I want to continue to thank her for allowing me to take a lot of time away from her so I can make calls, emails, posts on the Internet and hours of pre event prep to pull all of this off, and never complaining about it in the process.

    I hope to see all of you in the field soon and would love to hear everyone's opinion, both positive and negative.
    Patrick Landrum
    Independent Rifles

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    Re: Many Thanks for Vicksburg

    "Second and most importantly I need capable group leaders that had education, management and event hosting experience to virtually take control of their area so I didn't have to be in all places at once."

    But you did get a good look at the 45th Illinois camp, didn't you Pat? You AND your boys. We thought you were staying for lunch, but you departed just as quickly as you showed up!

    Anyhow, well done. It was bully seeing the spectators drive through and do double-takes when they saw us. Like they'd seen ghosts or something lol...

    Two events in to 2013, and two kick ass experiences. What a return to the hobby.
    Mike Phineas
    Arlington, TX
    24th Missouri Infantry
    Independent Volunteer Battalion

    "Oh, go in anywhere Colonel, go in anywhere. You'll find lovely fighting all along the line."

    -Philip Kearny


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      Re: Many Thanks for Vicksburg

      Good time for us at the Missouri monument. I was so pleased to be able to interpret Missouri Brigade at Vicksburg and pay some honor to the men from my town who were on the very ground we occupied in 1863. And, it was serendipitous that the monument was rededicated that day. I was honored to read the proclamation from the Missouri governor and we had 2 descendants, a father and son, of a member of the 1st/4th place the wreath on the monument. The boys facing us as the 113th came up and joined us for the ceremony which was fitting since Missouri had so many involved there on both sides. That alone made it worth the trip for me and everything else was icing on the cake.

      Many thanks to all who put this together and to the park staff who were incredibly accomodating and great to work with. My bunch is already gabbing about wanting to do it again.
      Michael Comer
      one of the moderator guys


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        Re: Many Thanks for Vicksburg

        All the men who were at the Georgia Monument and the Square Fort had a great time. Thanks goes to Pat for taking the risk of the multi-tiered living history, and trusting us to run our own “show”. We were able to construct a fairly stout brush arbor as out fatigue detail for Saturday, plus I appreciate the research into the rations for the CS men. We stretched the food given into 4 very good meals for the men. Even the un Vicksburg like temperatures will leave lasting memories for the men.

        Herb Coats
        Armory Guards &