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“Those Damn New Yorkers” – 150th Battle of Olustee February 13-16, 2014

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  • “Those Damn New Yorkers” – 150th Battle of Olustee February 13-16, 2014

    “Those Damn New Yorkers” – 150th Battle of Olustee
    February 13-16, 2014.

    Secluded in the pine trees and palmettos of northern Florida, resides a forgotten chapter of the American Civil War. During the beginning of 1864, President Lincoln authorized an effort to divert Federal forces from Charleston to attempt and cut-off the vast Rebel storehouse of Florida. This action would culminate with the Federal defeat at the Battle of Olustee and would leave Florida relatively in the hands of the Confederacy for the remainder of the war.

    In accordance with the 150th Reenactment of the Battle of Olustee (February 13-16, 2014), SCAR, Armory Guards, and the 48th New York Company F are hosting a battalion for the anniversary event. The battalion will be representing the 48th New York Infantry, which was heavily engaged in the fighting that occurred at the Battle of Olustee.


    The battalion will be made up of the following companies:

    Battalion Commander: Joe Blunt
    Wing Commander: Walter Cook
    Adjutant: Andrew J. Kasmar

    Company A – SCAR
    - Commanded by Jim Butler
    Company B – Armory Guards/WIG/Palmetto Guards
    - Commanded by Lewis Robinson
    Company C – 48th New York
    - Commanded by Ken Giddens

    Contact information:


    The event will be separated into two segments, these being of a march and that of the mainstream battle reenactment.

    A march representing the movement of Federal forces from Jacksonville towards Ocean’s Pond will be conducted. This will consists of 14 miles, with the route ending at the main event site. The route will be marched through the flat Florida pine forest, with minimal modern intrusions. Accompanying the march will be the appropriate supply wagon, escorts, and pickets. Additionally, during the march, the column may encounter the civilian population and Confederate scouts (from an distance).

    Those participating on the march are requested to be on site no later than 5 PM Thursday (February 13). However, arrangements are being made for those to join the battalion on Friday (February 14).

    The march will conclude on the original Olustee Battlefield, which starts the second stage of the event. Given the battalion’s movements, we shall at the event (original battlefield) shortly before Saturday’s battle. At this point we will link up with those desiring to join the battalion for the reenactment, but unable to make the march. Once formed, we will participate in the events scheduled Saturday and Sunday’s battle and Sunday’s battle and Sunday’s battlefield ceremony.

    Camping arrangements have been made so that we will be somewhat secluded from the mainstream camp, with our position. During this period, the battalion will maintain its separation and will function in accordance to the proper military regulations.


    The following links provide information regarding the Battle of Olustee and the 48th New York Infantry:


    The location of the event will be held on the original battlefield of Olustee. This location is just outside of Lake City, Florida.

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    Andrew Kasmar

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    Re: “Those Damn New Yorkers” – 150th Battle of Olustee February 13-16, 2014

    I might be game for this event, it falls on my Bday weekend.
    Thomas J. Alleman
    "If the choice be mine, I chose to march." LOR


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      Re: “Those Damn New Yorkers” – 150th Battle of Olustee February 13-16, 2014

      Sure thing, shoot me a e-mail at if you have any questions.

      All the best,
      Andrew Kasmar