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Camden Expedition - April 2014

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  • Camden Expedition - April 2014

    Just wanted to make people aware of this event:

    Yes, it is hosted and organized by a mainstream organization and will be attended by mainstreamers. But, if you want a real campaign experience - marching everyday, skirmishing most days, living out of your haversack and knapsack for a full week in the field - then you should consider this event.

    I attended all the major 125ths under Jack King's command and never had a bad event. Jack is a great organizer and logistics guy. He was very late putting the website up, but to his credit he was waiting to make sure he had every inch of land he needed. (Anyone with any event organizing history can appreciate that level of commitment.)

    I attended Jack's Red River 2 event in 1999 and experienced an epiphany about reenacting and campaigning, even though I'd already been in the hobby for 22 years at the time and thought I'd done or seen it all. My experiences at RR2 almost haunt me to this day.

    I have no part in organizing this event and am not even certain I will attend (medical limitations) but I think we have many young reenactors and/or guys new to the hobby that would greatly benefit from the experience. I encourage everyone to consider it.

    I would really like to see one of our CPH leaders step up and create/provide a home for the authentically minded to rally around. Our end of the hobby tends to need a person they can latch on to and follow. The way this event registration is set up will dissuade many individuals from signing up unless they have a company to call home on the front end.

    If you weren't around for Jack's RR1 and RR2, or you missed the Texas Ground Hornets BGR and IPW, or you fell off the wagon for In the Van, or you've just been wishing there was a week long event where you could really experience Civil War life, don't let this one pass by without you. Who knows when the next one will come up?

    Joe Smotherman

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    Re: Camden Expedition - April 2014

    Joe, thanks for posting this. These types of events are unique in the fact that it stretches beyond the typical weekend structure, and you get a feel for being in the field. Granted my experience with extended events are 1 campaign event the wilderness alongside a select few, and 2 garrison type of events.

    This is a great chance for like minded folks to band together for this one if they have the time for it in "our" end.
    Herb Coats
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      Re: Camden Expedition - April 2014

      A good read is The Camden Expedition of 1864 by Michael Forsyth.
      Tom Yearby
      Texas Ground Hornets

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        Re: Camden Expedition - April 2014

        Well, I will have to say that Joe is correct in his assessment of this. I participated in the 1999 RR event and it pushed us hard with a full week of living out of saddlebags and with a lot of extra mileage added to us as cavalry. It was estimated that we rode nearly 150 miles that week but, it was a tremendous experience. There is something about knowing that you will be out there and being pushed for a week that is much different from the mindset of the typical weekend stand. So, I have to echo Joe's comments.

        J. Mark Choate
        7th TN. Cavalry, Co. D.

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          Re: Camden Expedition - April 2014

          Great post Joe. Did a small march a few years back with Jack's boys at Pleasant Hill.
          Mike Phineas
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            Re: Camden Expedition - April 2014

            I want to give this thread a bump. This event is about a month away and registration is still open for those who are interested. Unfortunately due to my job schedule I wont be able to attend, but from everything I hear this is going to be a once in a generation event. We all want to experience levels of authenticity that are rare and the chance to be immersed for a week is exactly that. Give this a consideration if possible.
            Alan Prather

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              Re: Camden Expedition - April 2014

              Greetings gentlemen. New to the AC forum! I'm wondering if anyone can give any idea of current registered numbers for this event? A few of us New Yorkers were looking to form a mess and make the trek, but last we heard it's roughly 200 confederates registered and only 18 federals. We can't justify making that kind of time/financial commitment for those numbers, no matter how enticing the event sounds

              So again, anyone have solid numbers?

              Erik P. Jacobs
              Co. F, CVG "Rowdy Boys"
              140th NYVI
              Erik P. Jacobs
              [I]Pvt. "Trey"[/I]
              The Buzzards Mess
              Co. F, Chesapeake Volunteer Guard
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