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Campaigner Muster/Reunion/ Drill Weekend

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  • Campaigner Muster/Reunion/ Drill Weekend

    Was wondering if there was any interest in a good old fashioned "drill" weekend and muster at some central venue in Georgia-upstate South Carolina-East Tennessee. Not tied to any particular historical anniversary but, focusing on the social aspects and a reunion of sorts. There was a photo posted on another social site from 2009. Just seeing if I could gin up some interest form the old salts of the hobby. I wouldn't mind a home guard, militia or senior reserves in citizen attire. We did a 1859 event at Fort Moultrie in 2009 and it went real well. Does anyone have access to a good venue and is there a particular date that would be good for this?
    Gregory Deese
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    Re: Campaigner Muster/Reunion/ Drill Weekend

    Early August sounds good... possibly November. I'm game if others are.
    Johnny Lloyd
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