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150th Sailors Creek Federal Adjunct - March 27-29, 2015 ***Uniform and Equipment Standards***

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  • 150th Sailors Creek Federal Adjunct - March 27-29, 2015 ***Uniform and Equipment Standards***

    121st New York Uniform Guidelines
    150th Battle of Saylor’s Creek

    These guidelines are written to help best recreate the 121st New York as they looked at the Battle of Saylor’s Creek. They are a work in progress and might change a little as we get more information. Where specific uniform choices are made, we will share them with you.

    It goes without saying that all uniform items are to be made of proper materials, patterns and construction. Items such as modern glasses, watches and stainless steel are unacceptable.

    A regimental order from January 1865 states “…bugles attached to their caps, well polished, and corps badges sewed on the proper place above the bugle.”
    1. Forage Cap – From the one return we have viewed, the forage cap was the most issued piece of headwear. Along with the order above issued just weeks before Saylor’s Creek this is most preferred option.
    2. Hardee Hat – The one return we have already viewed shows a few hats here issued. They are welcomed, if in very small numbers.

    1. Sky-blue, US enlisted footman’s trouser of any proper pattern.
    2. Trousers may be held in place by any braces or belt of proper construction.

    Lt. Col. Egbert Olcott wrote a letter on January 11th, 1864 to the adjutant general of New York stating “For two months now I have been unable to procure state jackets.” The letter continues to say that he has been unable to get any jackets from the Federal government and that there was no intent to contract for more. Olcott ended the letter stating they would be forced to draw dress coats if the state could not provide the jackets. The jacket request was not fulfilled and on February 9th the regiment drew dress coats. There is some evidence that suggests some men replaced the buttons with New York State buttons.
    1. Fatigue Blouse – This seems to be the most regularly issued coat and is preferred for this impression.
    2. Frock Coat – Given the issued documentation a year before Saylor’s Creek this is a strong second option.

    1. Footman’s pattern overcoat – If one is chosen to be carried. As it is April and the siege has just broken, we may expect to see a few

    1. Any .58 caliber Springfield (55, 61, 63) – In the book “Upton’s Regulars,” it notes that the 121st received Springfields between the 3rd Quarter of 63 and first quarter of 64.
    2. Enfield – The 121st received these initially but they were all traded out by the middle of 1864 for Springfields. Please only bring as a lower choice.
    3. Any .69 caliber Springfield as a last resort

    1. Jefferson brogan
    2. Private purchase boot or shoe.

    Accouterments –
    1. Federal Cartridge Box –The pattern of 1861, .58 caliber box is preferred.
    2. Federal Cap Box
    3. Federal late war belt – For a spring of ’65 event, the late war belt is preferred. Early war is happily accepted.
    4. Bayonet scabbard –Gaylord pattern scabbards of either two rivet or seven rivet construction are acceptable for this impression.

    1. US issue, black haversack of proper construction – handsewn or machine sewn are acceptable.

    Preference in canteen is given to the later war variant. Also, as late as the fight is, a proper cloth sling is preferred to the earlier leather sling. Please use a cloth sling if at all possible.
    1. 1862 Bulls-eye canteen
    2. 1858 Smooth side canteen

    1. M1855 Double-bag knapsack
    2. Blanket roll

    1. Shelter Tent – The return we have viewed shows these being issued

    Mess ware and small items
    1. All to be of proper material and construction. These men have seen over two years of service and their kit is well used by this point.
    Sam Lowe
    Sally Port Mess
    Western Rifles

    Aut Viam invenium aut faciam