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121st New York Adjunct. ***Event Update ***

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  • 121st New York Adjunct. ***Event Update ***


    First and foremost, I'd like to wish you all a belated Merry Christmas.

    Second, I apologize for the lack of information that you have received up to this point. This event is very much going to happen. Unfortunately, there was a change over the summer that slowed down development a bit. However, things have moved forward and so will the 121st.

    The event itself will feature a 4 mile rear guard action that will lead to the portrayal of the Battle of Sailor's Creek. The event organization (State of VA) has limited its participants and is interested in bringing in quality impressions--that's where we come in.

    As an adjunct we have a unique opportunity to provide an experience for you as participants. Of course as organizers we can't give up all the details. Suffice to say we have some fun planned for you boys that will be a great way to close out the 150's.

    Here's what we can pass on to you now:

    1. Event website and registration will go live in January. As soon as we have a date we will advise you. Same thing for the event website.

    2. Main event registration cost will be $10. Our cost will be roughly the same and will cover your rations for the event.

    3. The event for us will go live Thursday night and run until Sunday morning. The reason for our Thursday night "Go Live" is this: This event is divided in to 2 segments: Sailors Creek and High Bridge. As we have been told, The state of VA is setting up for the pursuit to High Bridge on Sunday to include "shuttling participants" and providing "Box Lunches". Hey, we like free lunch a much as anyone else does, but not when it cuts into our authenticity. With things at High Bridge wrapping up in the late afternoon, we said "No Thank you". Our participation will end mid to late Sunday morning and you won't want to miss it. We want to maximize your experience, and get you boys home at a decent time. Which is the reason for the Thursday arrival. Much of Friday will be spent portraying the pursuit of Ewell.

    Now that you have that level of info, here's what you need to know about what we have put into this effort so far:

    Our team collaborated with the New York State Historical Library and NYSHA to pull original 121st QM returns, Muster Rolls, and the actual Daybooks containing the General Orders. Our bibliography includes a number of Diaries and other primary and secondary sources. We pored over these materials and pulled the nuggets which we feel will help you best understand what the men of the 121st went through as they closed out the war.

    We have our event standards in place and I'll republish them here. They are very basic, late war standards that anyone can follow.

    You will need to be in shape for this one boys. We will also be putting together a basic walking/ training program for you. Nothing too crazy, but a good amount of work to get you ready to cover some ground. You'll need to have your fieldcraft, drill and customs of service in order. As I said earlier, we have some fun things planned. Be prepared to soldier.

    We will try to get to an exact number, but count on 80-100 rounds for the event.

    FYI: We will be on state land for a large portion of the event. They do have "burn regulations" in place. Fires will have to be kept in controlled areas and may be limited. Will advise on this one as we get more info.

    As of today we have a decent number of interested fellas including 160 members of this page. We'd love to have as many as would like to join us. Don't worry, we'll make room for you.

    So thanks again for your patience, expect to see updates and information as it comes forward to us.

    Feel free to post any questions that you may have. We'll answer them as quickly as we can.
    Sam Lowe
    Sally Port Mess
    Western Rifles

    Aut Viam invenium aut faciam