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24th MO Pea Ridge Adjunct report

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  • 24th MO Pea Ridge Adjunct report

    This was a great event for all of us who participated. We did have some attrition in the 2 days before the event, but we still fielded a 34 man company for this event, with living history at the NPS site on Friday and our 7 mile march with a wagon to the event site/re-enactment on Sat/Sun, to include some prisoner scenarios with the Red River Battalion gents. A bully company of great living historians. Mike Phineas posted a great AAR on facebook, that maybe he will add here, I think I could not add to what he has to say.
    We of course had to deal with some issues from the mainstream organizers and command structure, but we worked through it and had a great time. Thanks to all the men who did the hard work putting this event together, and a great thanks to everyone who travelled to be a part of this adjunct effort "way out here in the west".

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    Frank Siltman
    24th Mo Vol Inf
    Cannoneer, US Army FA Museum Gun Crew
    Member, Oklahoma Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission
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    Re: 24th MO Pea Ridge Adjunct report

    There was not a lot of chatter on this forum about this event, and probably some mistook that for malaise and lack of interest. This could not be further from the truth, as there were upwards of fifty plus rifles registered though we did suffer attrition down to about 34 by Friday night at the Tavern. It was just much easier to utilize FB and email as a means of communication, with the posts here mainly for courtesy to allow those not involved to stay abreast. We did not actively recruit out of our Trans Miss operating area, and it's been proven that our current unit model is working pretty well. I say this not to beat upon chest, but to emphasize the legacy that Cal Kinzer will leave this hobby with. Those that are well known of Cal probably are aware this was his last major event as captain of the 24th Missouri. We have an event in the Indian territory in November, but that is just a ham and yam get together at Honey Springs where we hold unit meetings and elections for the coming year.

    A few years back I received an email from Cal lamenting the state of what was then the 24th Missouri. We had endured some rocky relations with other individuals, which left the unit scarred. Our total numbers were abysmally low. Older members were burning out and leaving. But what was more glaring was our lack of young blood. Worried about his forty plus years in the hobby, and what, if any, legacy he would leave upon living history, Cal was probably at his lowest point.

    I myself had just re-entered the hobby after a five year break, and swore to him we would build our company back up to a legacy he could be proud of. With the help of Frank and Jonathan Siltman, Mark Vlahos, Luke Garrett, James Teeple with our website, and many many others we have now built the 24th Missouri into the premier Federal re-enacting unit west of the Mississippi and south of the Iowa state line. In a country of 350 million people I'm damn proud of that. This last weekend we had several individuals approach us asking who we were and how they could sign on. Our ranks are filled with young enthusiastic kids and we are even attracting old guard members back from Cal's old 55th Illinois days. We've done all of this by simply continuing to attend the right events, having a positive attitude with our peers, and by vehemently sticking to our philosophy of always taking the high road with our beliefs. As I left Cal this weekend I saw water in his eyes, and knew he had a legacy he could be proud of as he left what he loved so much.

    As for the event (shameless theft from my FB page) -

    Our company camped at the NPS site on Friday under a brilliant star-filled night. We set up quartermaster facilities, demonstrated for park visitors, and even threw out pickets. Saturday morning we were up before dawn, and at first light were off on a seven mile march which took us across Ford's road on the battlefield (a breathtaking endeavor) and across country back roads to the re-enactment site.

    Upon arrival at the circus, we discovered a group of farb cavalry had foisted our camp site. This being a beautiful stretch of secluded wooded meadow next to a small creek, off away from the hi-jinx. So we pitched our company street smack dab in the middle of the battlefield. We had wagon transport which held eight A-frame tents and an officers wall tent. Imagine, a campaigner company with A frames! That's a lot of canvas on our street and it seriously disturbed the ju-ju of all the mainstream elements in attendance on both sides, as the shoot-em-ups are their holy grail lol... Our brothers in the Holmes Brigade were to camp with us at the creek. I must add that they were the initiators to camp squarely in the middle of the battlefield! Their camp included two Sibley tents and two wagons along with their equipage. Once we set up the entire perimeter was much like a small city of canvas! I will add the battle lines on both sides flowed back and forth through the tents with no issues, though we naturally posted a strong camp guard upon marching out.

    All in all a bully time. Re-visted and met legions of friends. Recruited sharp looking campaigner types from farb units, and even got a little trigger time in the malfeasance. We held the left flank both days Pea Ridge battles, sleepwalking through skirmish duty on Saturday (the company was pretty dead from the march) and delivering some crisp AOP style volleys in the main assault on Sunday. Props to the CSA boys who let us capture their battery!
    Our group the 24th Missouri is growing by leaps and bounds, with members from all over the Trans Mississippi. The Pea Ridge Adjunct is now in the books!

    Another page written in the legacy of our Captain Cal Kinzer!

    In closing, I received this personal Facebook message from a CSA participant who found our camp post-event and inquired about signing on. He was a pretty stout dude, big in the shoulders and chest, but not fat. He first asked if he was 'too big' to be a part of us. I simply offered if 'he could march he was welcome to fall in.' Upon which we learned he was an ex-serviceman, which we also attract a lot of.

    I watched your movements on Sunday with admiration from the Confederate ranks! Your volleys were indeed superb. I enjoyed meeting you all and look forward to taking the field with the 24th Mo. Please tell me again the name of the gentlemen you recomended to buy trousers from. Thanks!

    And the hits just keep on coming. I'm going to ride this thing till they carry me out on my shield. Pictured is the 24th Missouri plus our auxiliary guests, standing tall in the field east of Elkhorn Tavern and south of the Huntsville Road. Beyond the belt of woods in the background lies the Clemon's Farm.

    Pea Ridge 2.jpg
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    Mike Phineas
    Arlington, TX
    24th Missouri Infantry
    Independent Volunteer Battalion

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      Re: 24th MO Pea Ridge Adjunct report

      Thanks to all who helped organize and put this adjunct together! Thanks to the 24th Missouri for letting the Possum Skinners Mess from Alabama join you for this adjunct. The Pea Ridge battlefield is beautiful and it was awesome to camp at Elkhorn Tavern and then begin the march over that hallowed ground towards the reenactment site. The scenario with the Confederate prisoners on Saturday afternoon was great. The Confederates did great first person and the interaction between prisoners and their guards was a great experience to watch. Our small campaigner camp by the creekside was great and offered good rest and shade after the long day's activities. Besides a midnight attack by farb cavalry, we enjoyed good rest. It was great meeting all of you guys and if we ever head that far west again, we'll be sure to look you up. Thanks again for a great event. Well done.
      Stephen Lunsford

      Possum Skinners Mess/Tick Creek Troublemakers

      150th Pickett's Mill May 2014-5th Kentucky
      150th Franklin (Carnton Plantation) November 2014-20th Tennessee
      150th Bentonville, March 2015-10th Iowa
      Pea Ridge Adjunct, September 2015-24th Missouri
      Blakeley Living History, April 2016-1st/3rd Missouri CS
      Picket Post, May 2016, Company C, 9th Tennessee "Creek Bank Mess"
      Lookout Mountain Living History, June 2017, 31st Iowa "Root Hog or Die"
      154th Chickamauga Living History, September 2017, Co. C, 23rd Tennessee
      Battle of Wauhatchie (Aka "Wet-hatchie"), Tennessee, October 27-28, 2017, 78th New York "12th Corps!!!"


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        Re: 24th MO Pea Ridge Adjunct report

        Y'all looked great! I think what happened with your camp happened with us in the U.S. Artillery. We were stuck in an unprepared site. No wood or water. So some things had to be adjusted for. Wished we were by the creek. Would have been a better camp.
        Timothy J. Koehn
        Boone's Louisiana Battery
        Supporting Confederate Memorial Hall, New Orleans, LA


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          Re: 24th MO Pea Ridge Adjunct report

          Well thanks Mike, for quoting me on AC,that made my night. You guys definitely stole the show, I couldn't bring myself to "draw a bead" on such a fine lot of Yankees. I am sorry to hear that your Captain is retiring, he seemed to be very amiable. I only wish I had made contact earlier so that I could have been apart of your fine unit for this adjunct. I will be working on my kit and my "Stout" physique between now and spring. I look forward to sharing many campfires in the future.
          [FONT=Book Antiqua][/FONT]James Damon
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