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Silent Night: Christmas 1865 (Mansfield State Historic Site)

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  • Silent Night: Christmas 1865 (Mansfield State Historic Site)

    The impression would be the last war-time Christmas of 1865 in North Louisiana. There would be a guide-led tour and each scene would have an interactive component, musicians (if possible), as well as background characters. We really need authenticly portrayed soldiers and civilians willing to talk and act in the scenes as well as some background folks. We are looking for 20-30 reenactors for the various scenes. Below are the tentative scenes for this program.

    1. Refugee Family: (whole family if possible). They would be cooking a meager meal and talk about their experiences and loss of home. Could be portrayed as either a Unionist family or Confederate who lost their home.
    (3-6 volunteers/reenactors including kids)

    2. Union Army Garrison Troops: Camp scene mix of joy that the war is over and despair that they canít be home. Music, campfire, care packages from home, etc. (10 volunteers/reenactors.)

    3. Former Confederate Troops: In ďcampĒ with limited tents; their meager meals being prepared; talk of returning home or what is left of it and starting anew. Melancholy music and some Christmas songs as a few soldiers break off from the group to head home. (10 volunteers/reenactors.)

    4. Freedmanís Family: Housed in a tent with their family, cooking a small meal. They talk about their new freedom from slavery and how itís both a blessing and a startling new world for them. (3-5 volunteers/reenactors including kids.)

    5. A Family Reunited: Using the cabin as a house (can say their home destroyed and forced to move to the former slave cabins) A mother/wife and child wait for the return of their husband/father from the Confederate army. They have a small table of food set and she reads the last letter she received. The kid talks about missing father. They turn to enter the cabin when BOOM! From out of the shadows the ragged Confederate husband/father returns home and the crowd sighs awwwwwwwh! (3-5 volunteers/reenactors including kids.)


    This program would be scheduled for December 12th, from 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM. A small amount of rations will be issued for those in the scenes. We need to know ASAP if there is enough support for this program so we can start planning and advertising. If you or your group is interested please let us know ASAP but no later than November 11th. I can be contacted at or 318-872-1474.
    Michael Mumaugh
    Interpretive Ranger Mansfield SHS
    Independent Rifles

    "Fall of the Rebellion"
    Outpost III
    Pickett's Mill

    "Desertion of Alabama troops in the Civil War was a manifestation of sectionalism in the state, due largely to the prevalence of poverty"-Bessie Martin