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2016 Adjuncts?

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  • 2016 Adjuncts?

    Well, in 2016, the Civil War 150th Calendar officially flips over to the 155ths and 1861. Are there any efforts, thoughts, or ideas about any 1861 Adjunct Events? If you hear anything, please post it here. Thanks!
    Eric Tipton
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    Re: 2016 Adjuncts?

    This is going out to anyone registered for BGA Gettysburg with the 24 Michigan recreated battalion tonight if I get to it or when I get home from Sailors Creek. I became involved in the discussion for this one about mid-february so we have plenty of time to plan and make this a great time! Once impression and such is detailed I will put in for a more formal posting.


    Greetings! If you are on this email, you were in the 24th Michigan and 1st Maryland at BGAburg. As we broke up at the end, we promised to keep you informed of upcoming chances to “get the band back together.” As we look forward past the end of the 150s, there is a great chance brewing.

    Last time we were together, it was on eastern soil, Gettysburg. This opportunity it will be western soil and actual land – Perryville, October 7-9, 2016! A few weeks ago, we got in a conversation with Rob Murray and Joe Beedle. They want to put a regiment together for that event. At the end of the conversations, Will pitched that we would provide the left wing of Rob’s effort.

    We want you to join us! Will Eichler will serve as major and wing commander. Jeremy Bevard will be the sergeant major. There will be a few more jobs to fill. The portrayal is being finalized, but we can say it will be across the field from Herb Coats and the WIG CS battalion. Though a lot of details are in the air (face it, some of you are just done with Bentonville and others are joining us at Sailor’s Creek this weekend) we can say the goal for each company this time will be larger. Our goal is to see 40 man companies in the field.

    This email is a “save the date” notice. Let us know if you are interested, please. We will put out more as soon as it is available, via email, web, FaceBook and the A/C.

    Hope to march with you all at Perryville, Oct 7-9, 2016.

    Yours in history,
    Will Eichler and Jeremy Bevard
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    Jeremy Bevard
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      Re: 2016 Adjuncts?

      The Hairy Nation Boys have already talked to Rb Murray and Joe Beedle about raising a company. While the impression and company designation has not been set we ready to begin recruiting for our company.
      Captain Ivan Ingraham
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      Nathan Hellwig
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        Re: 2016 Adjuncts?

        That's right! We are putting the band back together, boys.

        Let's make this Regiment another one for the books. Great Command team and a great site.

        More to follow, but the May 2016 Picket Post will be a prelude for this. Stay tuned....
        Ivan Ingraham
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          Re: 2016 Adjuncts?

          Indeed..... This is a good thing all, and the communication is flowing between all involved with putting a command in the field.
          Herb Coats
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            Re: 2016 Adjuncts?

            I can tell you that I am excited to go back to Perryville. The response is great and like Herb said the communication is flowing.
            Updates to come....
            Joe Beedle




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              Re: 2016 Adjuncts?

              BGA Gettysburg was still the highlight of the 150th season for me. As one of the late addition musicians, I still talk about it over a year and a half later. Never been to Perryville, but I'm absolutely putting it down on the calendar.
              Jonathan Cagle-Mulberg
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                Re: 2016 Adjuncts?

                Jonathan, and all,

                We'd love to have you! Look for a lot more news in the next week or so on Perryville!

                Will Eichler

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                  Re: 2016 Adjuncts?

                  If you've never been to Perryville it's pretty epic. The shape and contours of the country out there lend themselves to good battles, the ground is comfy for sleeping and the event hosts are friendly to progressive reenactors. I've done two efforts out there with Jim Butler in the past and it's been well worth the drive. Hell even the sutlers are better than normal for mainstream events.
                  Kind Regards,
                  Andrew Jerram


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                    Re: 2016 Adjuncts?

                    After Floyd's Folly there was actually some discussion and a request to raise an adjunct company for the 155th anniversary streamer event next year at Carnifex Ferry. Possibly portraying the 7th Ohio Infantry as POWs at Camp Gauley following Keslers Cross Lanes. Still discussing it so will update everyone on it later.
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                      Re: 2016 Adjuncts?

                      New Adjunct, New Commander!
                      Cross Keys, Port Republic or Thunder in the Valley in June 2016
                      I am forming a Battalion of Authentic Campaigners to portray the 52nd Virginia Infantry.
                      Here is the link to the Facebook Page:
                      Joshua Drega

                      Descendant of:
                      Pvt. John R. Argenbright Co. A 52nd Va Inf.
                      Pvt. William Bosserman Co. B 52nd Va Inf.
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