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Salute To Freedom Kenosha, Wisconsin

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  • Salute To Freedom Kenosha, Wisconsin

    Gentlemen of the AC

    Mr. Tipton said this was good to go so I will go with it. The Old Northwest Volunteers and the Kenosha Civil War Museum would like to invite you to the museums annual event called Salute to Freedom on June 11th and 12th. This year the museum is focusing on the Iron Brigade and their contribution to the Army of Potomac. The museum has an excellent temporary exhibit on the brigade currently showing some brigade artifacts that have not been shown for a while.

    We are looking for high quality reenactors who would be willing to portray one of the Regiments of the Iron Brigade for the event post Antietam Campaign. The ONV will be portraying the Company K of the 6th Wisconsin. Members of the 2nd Wisconsin Association will be portraying the 2nd Wisconsin.

    The event would run from 10:00 until 3:00 on Saturday and 11:00 until 3:00 on Sunday. This would include drill, flag and dress ceremonies, camp displays for the public as well as small talks put on by the different groups about their regiments contribution to the Iron Brigade. It will also include a lecture by Phil Spaugy on the Iron Brigades last stand at the Lutheran Seminary. Mr. Spaugy's talk will cover the “Last Stand” of the Iron Brigade at the barricade of rails near the Lutheran Seminary at Gettysburg on July 1, 1863. This final act bought critical time--20 minutes--that saved not only the Army of the Potomac but also the Federal Union.

    2nd Wisconsin--------------------2nd Wisconsin Association
    6th Wisconsin(Co. K)-----------ONV------------------------------Officer Dave Gerow
    7th Wisconsin
    19th Indiana
    24th Wisconsin

    Facebook Page

    Registration Form
    Salute to Freed om ReenactorRecruiting.pdf

    Send form either by mail to
    KCWM Salute to Freedom
    5400 1st Ave,
    Kenosha, WI 53140
    Email to Doug Dammann at

    If you are interested in heading up a Regiment for this event, attending it or have more questions please contact one of the following individuals

    Andy Ackeret
    Jason Reinholz

    - - - Updated - - -

    Gentlemen of the AC

    Here are the Regulations for Company K of the 6th Wisconsin (ONV Contingent)

    Uniform Coat (Dress Coat) Preferred
    Fatigue Blouse Allowed

    Trowsers (Foot Pattern), Approved styles include Schuylkill Arsenal pattern (entirely hand sewn) preferred, J.T. Martin contract pattern, William Deering contract pattern & other documented arsenal and contract patterns.

    U.S. Pattern 1858 Dress Hat:
    Dress Hats must have minimal hat ornamentation consisting of a regimental numeral & company letter. One other piece of hat ornamentation may be implemented at the wearer’s discretion including an infantry horn, eagle plate, or enlisted infantry hat cord. Please keep in mind that additional hat ornamentation should be worn sparingly & varied as the men from the 6th Wisconsin were on the march most of August and September with no time for replenishing lost hat ornamentation. No corps badges will be allowed. This will be the only enlisted hat allowed for our living history.

    U.S. Pattern Jefferson Bootees (Shoes)

    Federal Issue Shirt or Civilian Shirt

    Drawers, Issue or Civilian

    Socks, Issue or Civilian

    Suspenders or waist belt

    Cartridge Box, U.S. Pattern of 1857 & 1861 .58 caliber cartridge boxes are acceptable.
    Cartridge Box Belt (Sling)
    U.S. Pattern 1856 Waistbelt
    U.S. Pattern 1850 Cap Box
    U.S. Pattern Bayonet Scabbard, must be the U.S. Pattern “Gaylord” two rivet sewn issue bayonet scabbard. These bayonet scabbards were made of black dyed bridle leather and featured attached frogs of either bridle or buff leather. All bayonet scabbards must have a secure brass tip.

    U.S. Pattern 1851 Haversack

    U.S. Pattern 1858 Smoothside Canteen, with pewter spout, jack chain (New York Depot) or string stopper attachment. If string is used, then the tin strap brackets should not have a punched in hole. The leather sling is highly appropriate for this time period and is preferred.
    Correct brownish/gray jean wool cover is highly recommended.

    U.S. Pattern 1855 Doublebag Knapsack

    U.S. Issue Rubber Blanket

    U.S. Issue Blanket

    Model of 1861 Springfield rifle-musket is the preferred rifle-musket as documented by Quartermaster reports and returns among the 6th Wisconsin Volunteer infantry starting in February of 1862.
    We also require that all modern makers’ marks are removed, and any necessary modifications are made to ensure the accuracy of your rifle-musket.

    Bayonet, you also need a corresponding pattern of 1855 bayonet for your rifle-musket without any modern markings. Original bayonets look even better!

    Mess Furniture
    Spectacles, if needed:
    U.S. Issue Shelter Half
    U.S. Issue Leather Loop Leggings, these will be severely inspected for accuracy and are strictly an optional item. Only one merchant currently makes an accurate pair of leggings for our 6th Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry impression.

    If you have questions go a head a let me know and I will try to get a hold of you a soon as I can.

    Andy Ackeret
    Jason Reinholz
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    Re: Salute To Freedom Kenosha, Wisconsin

    If you can make this, please do so; Jason and the boys in the ONV always host a great event.

    Wish I could make it, fellows. Have a great time!
    Ivan Ingraham
    AC Moderator