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Garrison at Ft. Blunt, Feb 3-5

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  • Garrison at Ft. Blunt, Feb 3-5

    Hello all, I know the dates conflict with Donelson. I wish I could make that event and I recommend everyone who can, to do so. However, the 24th Missouri would like to offer a quality alternative for those who can not make the drive or missed the cap:

    The 24th Missouri is hosting their second Garrison event at Fort Gibson Historic Site in Fort Gibson, OK
    It will be a full western Garrison event with amenities. Last years event was a huge success and we look forward to hosting this year as well.



    The 3rd Regiment, Indian Home Guards, Kansas Infantry organized at Carthage, Missouri, September 16, 1862. It served unattached. The regiment mustered out May 31, 1865

    The Third Regiment, under Col. William A. Phillips, was formed at Tahlequah and Park Hill in July 1862. Its ranks were filled with Cherokee Pins, including some former disaffected Confederate soldiers of Col. John Drew's First Cherokee Mounted Rifles. These regiments remained to defend the Cherokee Nation after the Union Indian Expedition retreated from the area in late 1862. Thereafter, the Indian units were generally attached to the District of the Frontier, although jurisdictional lines fluctuated.

    The regiments served primarily in Indian Territory but also ventured into Kansas, Missouri, and Arkansas. Gen. James G. Blunt restricted scarce mounts to their scouts, but Colonel Phillips later tried to remount the entire Third Regiment at government expense. Gen. Ulysses S. Grant approved, but the transition never fully occurred, which inhibited efforts in 1864 to respond against Confederate cavalry raids. By then all three regiments served in the Fourth Brigade under Col. Stephen Wattles.

    Between 1862 and 1865 the regiments variously participated in the actions at Prairie Grove, Arkansas, and Honey Springs as well as dozens of engagements, skirmishes, and raids. The units were mustered out on May 31, 1865. Organization of a fourth and a fifth regiment was commenced but never completed, and their soldiers transferred to other units.

    Comdy Depmt of Kansas

    I am responsible
    for the following Enumerated Unserviceable
    U.S. property upon which I desire the action
    of An Inspecting Officer

    (7) Seven Harpers Ferry Muskets
    (29) Twenty Nine-Prussian Muskets
    (38) Thirty Eight Cap Pouches
    (36) Thirty Six Cart Boxes
    (36) Thirty Six Cart Box Belts
    (35) Thirty five- Gun Slings
    (2) Two Packing Boxes

    (3) Three – Sibley Tents
    (2) Wall – Tents- (Two)
    (4) Four – Wedge Tents
    (15) Fifteen – Rubber Blankets
    (12) Twelve – Haversacks
    (3) Three – Camp Kettles
    (12) Twelve – Mess Pans
    (1) One – Bake Oven
    (1) One – Co’ Clothing Book

    Respectfully Your
    Obedt Servt
    Capt M. Phillips
    Co’ G. 3rd Reg Ind H.G.


    Impression for the 3rd Indian Home Guard


    Forage Cap

    Hardee Hat

    Civilian Hat


    Contract Issue Flannel Shirt

    Domet Flannel Shirt

    Civilian Shirt


    Army Issue Drawers of Canton Flannel

    Civilian Drawers

    US Sanitary Commission Drawers


    Frock Coat

    Sack Coat

    Infantry Jacket


    Skye Blue Foot Pattern Trousers


    Socks of 19th Century Pattern


    19th Century Pattern Suspenders

    Period Waist Belt



    Army Boots

    Civilian Boots

    Field Gear:

    1848-1861 Cartridge Box and Cap Box

    Two Rivet or Seven Gaylord Scabbard

    1857 Belt with Leather Keeper or no Keeper

    1858 Tarred Haversack

    1858 Smoothside Canteen with Leather or Linen Strap/ Hemp or string Keeper

    1855 Double Bag Knapsack or Blanket Roll

    US Issue Blanket
    Civilian Blanket or Coverlet
    Gum Blanket
    Extra Shirt, Socks, Personal Items of period documentation
    Type 2 Shelter Half


    Import Smoothbore Muskets of .69 or .70

    1842 Springfield

    1861 Springfield and 1853 Enfield permitted

    Mess Furniture:
    Tin Plate or Canteen Half, Cup and Utensils required. This is a encampment event.

    Penknives, watches, jewelry, etc. must be of period style. "Comfort items," such as camp hats, balaclavas, scarves, mittens, gloves permitted. NO MODERN EYEWEAR. Period personal hygiene items permitted. Prescription medications/contact lens care items should be concealed in period containers. Smoking items permitted, except for modern cigarettes.
    Jonathan Siltman
    24th Missouri Vol. Inf.
    Bully Boys Mess
    Ft. Sill Museum Gun Crew
    Good ol' Fashion Troublemaker

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    Re: Garrison at Ft. Blunt, Feb 3-5

    Website is temporarily down. To register please send $15 to via PayPal
    Jonathan Siltman
    24th Missouri Vol. Inf.
    Bully Boys Mess
    Ft. Sill Museum Gun Crew
    Good ol' Fashion Troublemaker


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      Re: Garrison at Ft. Blunt, Feb 3-5

      Again, not to detract or compete with the Advance on Fort Henry, but if you can't make that event here is a garrison event with hot chow, hot coffee, bunks in a barracks and a tavern with a fireplace! I'm looking forward to it. Pay Call, inspections, good garrison activities.
      If you have your own mattress tick, you probably want to bring it full of straw just to be on the safe side.
      Frank Siltman
      24th Mo Vol Inf
      Cannoneer, US Army FA Museum Gun Crew
      Member, Oklahoma Civil War Sesquicentennial Commission
      Company of Military Historians
      Lawton/Fort Sill, OK

      Pacifism is a shifty doctrine under which a man accepts the benefits of the social group without being willing to pay -- and claims a halo for his dishonesty.— Robert A. Heinlein


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        Re: Garrison at Ft. Blunt, Feb 3-5

        Jonathan, Frank. No worries on conflicting with Fort Henry. Our registration is closed. We wish you boys could make it to our event, but we understand that you had this planned.

        That being said, if you are looking for an event in February a little further out west, check out the Garrison at Fort Blunt!
        Eric Tipton
        AC Owner
        Founding Member, Mess No. 1
        Cincinnati, Ohio


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          Re: Garrison at Ft. Blunt, Feb 3-5

          Thanks Eric!

          Gents, look forward to company Live Fire drill. Another thing we are adding this year.
          Jonathan Siltman
          24th Missouri Vol. Inf.
          Bully Boys Mess

          Ft. Sill Museum Gun Crew
          Good ol' Fashion Troublemaker