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Barracks to Prison Pen - June 24-25, 2017

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  • Barracks to Prison Pen - June 24-25, 2017

    Elmira Start.jpg
    "Barracks to Prison Pen" - POW Camp Living History & Preservation Challenge - Elmira, NY, June 24-25, 2017

    Date: June 24th through 25th, 2017

    Location: Elmira, NY on the grounds of the original camp

    Time Frame: Early July, 1864 when the first prisoners were transferred from Point Lookout

    Event Scenario: July 6 1864, marked the arrival of the first detachment of CS POW’s in Elmira from Point Lookout, MD. Event activities will take place on the original grounds of Barracks #3, that served as both a Union training and Confederate prisoner of war camp. Participants will have an opportunity to march the original 1.25 mile route from the local train station to the site of the original Barracks. Appropriate activities engaging civilian participants are based on the historical opportunities available to the citizens of 1864 Elmira.

    Event Goals:
    -Raise awareness of the Friends of the Elmira Civil War Prison Camp’s mission ( & dedicate the reconstructed original camp building
    -Recreate the arrival of the first POW detachment in Elmira July 6, 1864 via the original 1.25 mile march route from the Erie RR station & establish a prison camp operation on original ground at Barracks #3.
    -Conduct a memorial ceremony at Woodlawn National cemetery
    -Conduct a preservation challenge of $75/participant for preservation projects and educational programs
    -Generate additional historical research about Elmira’s Civil War story
    Impression & Command:
    Federal: (Capped at 100) 16th Regiment VRC, augmented by additional troops at the Elmira Rendezvous.
    Camp Commandant: Alex Stowe
    1st Company, VRC (Capped at 30): Rob Carter
    2nd Company, VRC (Capped at 30): Dave Towsen
    3rd Company, VRC (Capped at 30): Pete Berezuk
    Detail of USCT (Capped at 10): TBA

    Confederate: (Capped at 200) Mixed impressions, mostly troops taken at Harris Farm & Spotsylvania in May '64
    CS Coordinator - Phil Guenther
    Historical roster for first person impressions can be used by contacting the CS coordinator
    Ward NCO’s TBA based on final registration numbers. All others will be privates.

    Civilian: (Capped at 100) Representative of citizens residing in the town of Elmira in July 1864. Links to local data including a directory detailing businesses, residents and fraternal organizations posted separately.
    Civilian Coordinators – Terri Olszowy / Joan Bartlett

    Registration: The following applies to all participants:

    -Participants apply as individuals and asked to provide a photo showing the planned impression to be approved by the impression coordinators before being accepted.
    -Read your impression guidelines and if you have any questions,contact the appropriate coordinator.
    -You are only considered registered upon submission of application, photo and payment.
    -Impression coordinators have the final say regarding individual standards.
    -Specific camping guidance will be outlined in the respective impression requirements

    Military registration fee- $25 includes rations.Civilian registration fee -$20

    Event Website:

    Federal Guidelines:

    Confederate Guidelines:

    Civilian Guidelines:

    Thank you for taking a look, and we hope that you consider!

    All the best,
    Elmira Officers.jpg
    Alexander Stowe

    Son of New York

    Gettysburg, PA