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Prairie Grove Federal Adjunct - November 30 - December 2, 2018

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  • Prairie Grove Federal Adjunct - November 30 - December 2, 2018

    24th Missouri is hosting its Federal Prairie Grove Adjunct

    Event Website:

    Impression: 37th Illinois

    The 37th Illinois Infantry was organized at Chicago, Illinois and mustered into Federal service on September 18, 1861, nicknamed the "Fremont Rifles" and "Illinois Greyhounds". The regiment suffered 7 officers and 91 enlisted men who were killed in action or who died of their wounds and 5 officers and 164 enlisted men who died of disease, for a total of 267 fatalities.


    Ketzle, Henry. "Diary of Henry Ketzle, Company A, 37th Illinois Volunteer Infantry". Civil War Diary of Henry Carl Ketzle.

    Leading up to Prairie Grove:

    In June, 1862, General White received his commission as General, and departed east to report for duty. Lieutenant colonel Barnes was then Promoted Colonel: Major John Chas Black Lieutenant Colonel, and Captain H.N. Frisbie Major.

    During the summer of 1862, the report coming in that a large force of rebels and Indians were at Neosho, Mo., 40 miles distant, Lieutenant Colonel Black, taking all the available force at the Post, started at sunrise, marched to Neosho, met and defeated the enemy and drove him into the Indian Territory; returned to Neosho at midnight, and reached Cassville by sundown the next day with over 300 prisoners and a large number of horses, mules and wagons captured from the enemy, having marched 100 miles and fought a battle in two days.

    The 37th guarded the frontier in southwest Missouri all through the summer of 1862, having frequent fights with roving bands under Coffee and Quantrell, alternating between Springfield and Cassville, Mo.

    During the summer of 1862, Company F, of the 37th Illinois, Captain E.B. Messer commanding, was detailed as a guard of the College Military Prison at Springfield, Mo., and occupied part of the summer in the construction of a stockade and otherwise fortifying Springfield.

    September 29, 1862, found the 37th again on the march after the enemy. October 1, reached Pond Springs, Mo., October 4th, drove the rebels out of Newtonia, Mo., thence to Gadfly, thence to Cassville, Mo., thence to old battlefield of Pea Ridge, thence to Huntsville Ark., arriving there October 20th. Started on the evening of October 22 for Bentonville, marched all night, crossed White river, and camped four miles south of Cross Hollows October 23d. Reached Osage Springs October 24th, broke camp on the evening of October 27th, marched all night, and at daylight surprised the rebels at Fayetteville, Ark.; took some prisoners, and returned to Osage Springs October 30th.

    Continued marching in light order, chasing rebels from one place to another, until December 1, 1862, when the Regiment went into camp at Camp Lyon Mo.

    On account of the rapid marching qualities of the 37th and the fact that it was always on the march in pursuit of the enemy, when not actually engaged in battle with him, it gained the sobriquet of "The Illinois Greyhounds," by which name it was known all over Missouri and Arkansas.

    December 3, 1862, the order came to the Regiment, then at Camp Lyon, Mo., to proceed to the relief of General Blunt, then besieged at Sugar Hill, Ark.

    Leaving the baggage to follow, the Regiment started for the relief of Blunt and marched to Prairie Grove Ark., in three days, a distance of 112 miles, double-quicking the last ten miles.

    On the morning of December 7, 1862, engaged the enemy at Prairie Grove, Ark., near Illinois Creek. General Herron commanded the Division at this battle and Colonel Dye, 20th Iowa, commanded the Brigade composed of his own regiment, the 37th Illinois, and one battery. The battle lasted all day, and was one of the most hotly contested and bloody battles of the war, considering the number engaged. The 37th lost about one-seventh of its number in killed and wounded.

    Colonel Black, at this battle commanded the Regiment with one arm in a sling shattered at the battle of Pea Ridge, and late in the fight had his other arm shattered by a rifle ball. Many of the company officers were killed and wounded.

    That night General Marmaduke, commander of the rebel army, and under a flag of truce, approached the outpost, under command of Major Payne, Officer of the Day and after being disarmed and blindfolded by that officer, was escorted by him to the headquarters of General Herron. Exactly what transpired at this conference is not known, except that the battle was named Prairie Grove. It is surmised, however, that General Herron demanded an unconditional surrender, to which General Marmaduke could not fully accede. Returning, the rebel leader muffled his artillery wheels, and fled during the night across the mountains. The 37th accompanied General Herron the next day, and pursued the rebel army over the Boston mountains to Fort Smith, Ark., where General Marmaduke, with the remnant of his rebel army, crossed the river and escaped.

    The 37th returned to Prairie Grove, and as a part of General Herron's Army of the Frontier, spent the winter and spring of 1862-63 marching from point to point in Missouri and Arkansas, having numerous skirmishes with the enemy, until April 24, 1863, when the Regiment proceeded to St. Louis, and from thence to Cape Girardeau, Mo., where it engaged the enemy single-handed and drove him across the sunken county to Chalk Bluffs, on the St. Francis River. It was at this battle of Chalk Bluffs, fought on May 2, 1863, that the brave Lieutenant Joseph Eaton, Company H, was killed.

    John C. Black

    On April 14, 1861, Black (along with his brother, William P. Black) entered the Union Army as a private in the 11th Indiana Volunteer Infantry Regiment on April 14, 1861. He became sergeant major on April 25, 1861.

    After three months of service, the brothers were mustered out of the volunteers and organized Company "K" of the 37th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment. John Black became major of the regiment on September 5, 1861. He was wounded in the right arm at the Battle of Pea Ridge, Arkansas, on March 7, 1862. In July 12, 1862, John Black was promoted to the rank of lieutenant colonel and became commander of the 37th Illinois Infantry. Black led his regiment against a fortified Confederate position during the Battle of Prairie Grove, Arkansas on December 7, 1862. The unit suffered heavy casualties and was eventually forced to retreat. Black himself was seriously wounded. An 1896 review of numerous actions during the war resulted in John Black being awarded the Medal of Honor for his actions at Prairie Grove. Black's brother William also received the medal, making them the first of five pairs of brothers to both receive the Medal of Honor as of 2005.

    On December 31, 1862, Black was promoted to colonel of the 37th Illinois Infantry Regiment. He was given temporary command of Brigade 1, Division 2, XIII Corps, Department of the Gulf, between November 11, 1863 and February 11, 1864, of Brigade 3, Division 2, Reserve Corps of the Department of the Gulf between February 3, 1865 and February 18, 1865. and of Brigade 3 Division 2, XIII Corps, Department of the Gulf, between February 18, 1865 and March 5, 1865.


    Uniform Items


    1. State Jacket
    2. Sack Coat


    1. Forage Cap
    2. Civilian Hat


    1. Federal issue Jefferson Bootees.
    2. Civilian pattern brogans or boots.


    1. Sky Blue Foot Trousers
    2. Civilian Trousers


    1. Civilian Shirt
    2. Issue Shirt or Contract Variant


    1. Civilian Drawers
    2. Issue Drawers of Canton Flannel


    1. Hand knit period patterns.

    Ordnance Equipment


    1. Import Rifle Muskets
    2. 1855 Springfield
    3. Colt Revolving Rifle
    4. 1842 Springfield
    5. 1861 Springfield
    6. 1853 Enfield Permitted


    Correct pattern for your weapon with a functional locking ring required.

    Waist Belt:

    1857 pattern waist belt with US belt plate required. Belts maybe of bridle, waxed or blackened buff leather.

    Bayonet Scabbard:

    Two-rivet Gaylord pattern bayonet scabbard preferred. All sewn Gaylord pattern bayonet scabbards permitted.

    Cap Pouch:

    Shield Front cap pouch preferred, all sewn 1850 Pattern cap pouches permitted.

    Cartridge Box:

    1. 1857 pattern .69 Cal and .58 Cal cartridge boxes.

    Personal Items


    Federal issue canteen (smooth side) leather sling and twine attachment preferred. .


    Federal Painted Haversack


    1855 Double Bag
    Blanket Roll


    Federal Issue blanket in Grey or Brown preferred.
    Coverlets Permitted

    Ground Cloth:

    Federal Issue Gum Blanket preferred. Period Oil Cloths permitted.

    Shelter Half:


    Mess Furniture:

    Tin Plate or Canteen Half, Cup and Utensils required. This is a encampment event. Groups are encouraged to utilize a ‘Mess’ structure to cook over company fires, camp kettles and coffee pots. Further direction may come down from company leadership.

    Penknives, watches, jewelry, etc. must be of period style. "Comfort items," such as camp hats, balaclavas, scarves, mittens, gloves permitted. NO MODERN EYEWEAR. Period personal hygiene items permitted. Prescription medications/contact lens care items should be concealed in period containers. Smoking items permitted, except for modern cigarettes.
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    Jonathan Siltman
    24th Missouri Vol. Inf.
    Bully Boys Mess
    Ft. Sill Museum Gun Crew
    Good ol' Fashion Troublemaker

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    Re: Prairie Grove Federal Adjunct Nov 30 - Dec 2

    This will be a prelude to Ft. Blakely. We will start this event with Pea Ridge on it, and will paint Battle Honors afterward. The same flag at Blakely will be fully listed.

    Company's and staff will reflect as 2019 Blakely.
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    Jonathan Siltman
    24th Missouri Vol. Inf.
    Bully Boys Mess
    Ft. Sill Museum Gun Crew
    Good ol' Fashion Troublemaker


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      Re: Prairie Grove Federal Adjunct - November 30 - December 2, 2018

      Company Commanders:

      The in camp scenario for this event is Christmas 1862 while Herron's troops were bedded down.

      That means a frames and Sibley's for enlisted men, and wall tents are encouraged for officers.

      Our quartermaster, Cal Kinzer, will have tents for rent.

      Handmade wreaths are encouraged for decoration, as well as holiday and winter amenities for troops.

      Northwest Arkansas can be 60, or 20 that time of year so plan on bringing great coats and scarves for camp. No great coats will be worn during the scenario or March.

      I have spoken to the battlefield staff and they seem ecstatic to have us as a large authentic entity. Nothing of this size has been done to these standards.


      Jonathan Siltman
      24th Missouri Vol. Inf.
      Bully Boys Mess
      Ft. Sill Museum Gun Crew
      Good ol' Fashion Troublemaker


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        Re: Prairie Grove Federal Adjunct - November 30 - December 2, 2018

        Greetings from Kuwait!

        I am offering an update to this adjunct portraying the 37th Illinois at Prairie Grove, which is still very much in the works. Here is what I've gathered so far-

        First of all, Jonathan Siltman had a life changing event, and has joined the United States armed forces. He is currently stationed in Texas, where he is undergoing Military Dog Handler training for the US Navy. He will thenceforth be stationed on the East Coast, though personally is still hoping to make this event in some capacity. This was an opportunity he could not refuse. The 24th Missouri has a strong core of current and former military members, and we wish him the best in this very noble endeavor.

        As for Prairie Grove... The 24th Missouri, along with our sister company the Holmes Brigade, will form a two company micro-battalion under the command of Cal Kinzer. We are realistically shooting for companies of 35-40 rifles each, but expect this number to increase by event kickoff. Our past adjuncts at Prairie Grove, most recently in 2014 and 2016 with Steve Dunfee in command, have fielded close to this amount. In the event of increased numbers, we will hold at the two company limit and utilize maneuvering in platoons, an evolution which Mr. Kinzer excels at. The company commanders will be Mark Vlahos for the 24th Missouri and AJ Racine for Holmes Brigade. A small battalion staff, with perhaps an adjutant, music, and colors, will also be in play.

        Prairie Grove is an absolutely beautiful battlefield, and if handled correctly the event can be a weekend to be remembered. The plan is for the battalion to camp along the Illinois River Friday night, away from the historical celebration. Saturday morning we will break camp, ford the river, and do a 3-4 mile march to the sound of the battle. We will assault the hill on which the original Borden House rests, as the original 37th Illinois did, then go into Christmas Quarters at a secluded camp on the battlefield. Prairie Grove is also a time for us to join in revelry and festivity, celebrating the Christmas holiday as even the soldiers of Blunt's army did back then. We traditionally hang wreaths and other items of yuletide cheer around camp and on the tents. Presents and boxes from home are distributed, and it is usually a fairly festive time. Not at the level of Perryville in 2016, but we have a bully time.

        As of now, our point-of-contact for this donnybrook is Cal Kinzer, who can be contacted at

        Cal has been in constant contact with Prairie Grove Battlefield personnel, having visited with the superintendent and two of its historians/interpreters even yesterday. In his words, they were 'very nice and most accommodating of what we'll bring to the event,' even suggesting we be given a separate parking area near the highway. This would be much nearer than typical parking at the park, and offers a direct line to our Friday camp at the ford. They will provide us with split wood and water for both camps. We also have full autonomy from the historical celebration, and will basically march to our own drum. Cal will coordinate any battlefield actions with the mainstream elements, for safety concerns, yet is not subjected to direction, officer's calls, or any other malfeasance from them.

        Personally Prairie Grove has always been a special event for me, having first kicked off my living history career there back in 2000. We always enjoys ourselves, even in light of sometimes chilly winter weather, and I strongly urge those who may not be ready to hang up their brogans for the year to come out and join us!

        color Prairie Grove.jpg 37th Illinois.jpg
        Mike Phineas
        Arlington, TX
        24th Missouri Infantry
        Independent Volunteer Battalion

        "Oh, go in anywhere Colonel, go in anywhere. You'll find lovely fighting all along the line."

        -Philip Kearny


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          Re: Prairie Grove Federal Adjunct - November 30 - December 2, 2018

          Registration for the adjunct? Go through the official event website?
          Soli Deo Gloria
          Doug Cooper

          "The past is never dead. It's not even past." William Faulkner

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            Re: Prairie Grove Federal Adjunct - November 30 - December 2, 2018

            I seem to notice that this event is organized annually. Has there ever been a year in which the 20th Wisconsin was portrayed?
            Bill Backus


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              Re: Prairie Grove Federal Adjunct - November 30 - December 2, 2018

              Comrades in the 24th MO - how does one register for this event?
              Soli Deo Gloria
              Doug Cooper

              "The past is never dead. It's not even past." William Faulkner

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                Re: Prairie Grove Federal Adjunct - November 30 - December 2, 2018

                Originally posted by DougCooper View Post
                Comrades in the 24th MO - how does one register for this event?
                From what I understand is you notify Cal Kinzer, and he turns in a company roster. When you get there you have to register on site and pay $15.
                I sure wish I could attend!

                Kevin Dally
                Kevin Dally


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                  Re: Prairie Grove Federal Adjunct - November 30 - December 2, 2018


                  To pre-register, simply drop me an email at There is no pre-registration fee for the adjunct. When you arrive, register at the Latta Barn. There will be a $10 registration fee to the park payable at that time.