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Mississippi Stands - February 22-25

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  • Mississippi Stands - February 22-25

    Posting this here to spread the word, if you are interested and have a quality western federal impression, there is still time to register. The following info is from the FB page which can be found here:
    Main event page can be found here for registration, directions, rules, and so on:

    In efforts with the Mississippi Stands event, there is an adjuct battalion portraying the 7th Iowa Infantry. This will be be a campaigner battalion only. The event is being held at Brice's Cross Roads National Battlefield Site.

    There are 5 company slots open. If you are intersted in raising a Federal company, please message Chris Jebb. Each company will be capped at 35 guys. If you decide to raise a company and fail to reach at least 22 men, you will be consolidated with another company. Guys are responsible for their own rations, and each man should bring 80 rounds.

    Staff and Battalion structure:
    LT. Col.- Chris Jebb
    Adjutant- Mike DeSplinter
    Sgt. Major- TBA
    1st Company- Frank Aufmuth
    2nd Company- Scott Garrett
    (Color Company)
    Color Sgt.- Garrett Lipps
    3rd Company- TBA
    4th Company- TBA
    Mounted Section- Jake Steiner
    There are two potential groups coming in as our third and fourth companies.

    Guidelines are pretty simple, basically just mid war western federal, but I'll list stuff out:

    Hardee hat, forage cap, civilian hat

    Federal issue shirt, civilian shirt, issue drawers, civilian drawers

    Frock coat, fatigue blouse
    its February so a greatcoat might come in handy

    Your basic sky blue trousers

    Federal issue, or other documented footwear appropriate for federal infantry. Proper socks

    Federal smooth side or bullseye canteen, covered or uncovered, leather or cloth strap
    Federal issue haversack
    Federal .58 or .69 cal cartridge box
    federal cap pouch
    federal belt, with leather, brass, or no keeper
    2 Rivet or 7 rivet scabbard

    Federal issue or civilian blanket and groundcloth

    Bedroll, Federal double bag knapsack, or other documented method of carrying your stuff

    1861, 1855, 1842 Springfield, 1853 Enfield

    Proper shelter half or A frame

    Anything else:
    Just use your best judgement


    Again I am posting this to spread word of this event, contact Chris Jebb for more information
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    Ben Beckman

    17 and been a living historian for 2 years. New to this side of the hobby, always looking for events to go to.