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"A Want of Vigilance" the battle of Bristoe Station, VA 155th anniversary living history event October 13-14 2018

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  • "A Want of Vigilance" the battle of Bristoe Station, VA 155th anniversary living history event October 13-14 2018

    This event is hosted by the newly formed Appomattox Ruffians in an attempt to bring a quality event to the availability of all who are interested with the right attitude. The event will be taking place on the original ground at Bristoe Station battlefield park in Virginia on October 13-14. The goal of this event is help raise money in order for Bristoe Station to purchase new property and maintain their current property. The goal of this event is to portray the 8th Florida in it’s entirety as they numbered only 56 in the weeks following Gettysburg. This works out great because we were originally restricted to only 75 participants as there is limited parking. However, since we will portraying the entire regiment, we will cut off registrations at 60.

    As previously stated, we will portraying the entire regiment and our command structure will be as close to the actual unit as possible and we are working on finding out the exact number of officers and NCOs. For now, we know that the unit was commanded by Lt. Colonel William Baya who will portrayed by Coty Robbins. The acting Major will be Alex Buchanan and the Adjutant will be Colin Zimmerman. All other officers will be posted soon.

    The overall goal for the living history is to provide people with a glimpse of how the common solider in the fall of 1863 was living. What he wore, how he carried his equipment, how he camped, ate, drilled, what he thought and so on. the event will be full activities correct to Hill’s corps in the ANV during this time. Activities such as guard mount, work details, drill, sick call (there will be a surgeon present), ration issue etc. I am working getting a few women laundresses to come be a part of the event as well. The plan is to provide a dynamic military atmosphere to this living history in order to create a more realistic experience. There will be spectators however they will not be interacting with us for the most part. It will be like they are looking at us through a glass as to provide an accurate look into military life of the ANV in 1863. The highlight will be a real time battle walk in which we will recreate the actions of the regiment and provide a real glimpse into time for the public. There will also be a candle light tour Saturday night that a few volunteers will be able to participate in if interested.

    Please help us in our attempt to portray, in similar numbers, the 8th Florida for this anniversary event. Their story is not often told though they endured many hardships far from home at the same time being cut off from communication due to the state's early fall to federal control. Stay tuned for additional info, research, and posts.

    YOU MUST REGISTER for this way around it....its 10$ pal Please put your name in the notes section. 60 men is the limit...first come first serve...don't miss out.


    The impression is a pretty simple one, pretty much everything Richmond depot issue late 1863.

    Jacket: RD I or II
    We know that the 8th Florida had not received the new kersey uniforms before this engagement therefore the main jacket worn should be a RD I or II in jean wool. A very small handful of kersey jackets may have been present with guys coming back to the unit from the hospital after Gettysburg but again very few.

    TROUSERS: Richmond depot

    SHIRT: CS issue shirt
    The Florida troops didn’t receive much from home due to the state being under federal occupation so issue shirts should be prevalent, a few civilian shirts are accepted.

    HEADWEAR: slouch hat preferred with some kepis mixed in (kepi should generally match the jacket)

    SHOES: any confederate pattern shoe, plain civilian style or federal brogans

    BLANKET ROLL OR KNAPSACK: either will be appropriate, knapsacks should be of CS pattern such as Kibler or Issac and Campbell, federal packs will be accepted but in limited numbers (please only use if it is all that you have)

    ACCOUTREMENTS: Richmond or federal issue of proper construction and appropriate for 1863

    HAVERSACK: any documented CS pattern haversack appropriate to 1863, federal haversacks in limited numbers. Please bring poke sacks for ration issue.

    Below is a link to the facebook page:
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    Re: "A Want of Vigilance" the battle of Bristoe Station, VA 155th anniversary living history event October 13-14 2018

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone has done any research to find the Regimental strength of the 8th in October of 1863? Is the 56 number for their regimental strngth based on the casualty and roster reports immediately following Gettysburg?
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      Re: "A Want of Vigilance" the battle of Bristoe Station, VA 155th anniversary living history event October 13-14 2018

      Yeah they were a tiny regiment but definitely well into the triple digits by Bristoe. Anyway, here's some info on the regimental strength and some cool documentation on their clothing and equipment post Gettysburg:

      The consolidated clothing issues for the 120ish guys that were present in the regiment once it got back to Virginia and stragglers and casualties returned in late July and early August:
      -113 pairs shoes, including 2 pairs of "cloth shoes"
      -119 pairs socks
      -92 pairs drawers
      -82 pairs pants
      -73 shirts
      -30 jackets
      -24 caps

      Around the time of Bristoe, Company D noted the company as having received:
      -15 jackets
      -10 pairs pants
      -12 shirts
      -11 drawers
      -10 pairs socks
      -5 pairs shoes
      -3 caps

      From the Autumn 1863 company requisitions it would seem like they had been reinforced a little bit more and would take roughly 150 men into action at Bristoe.

      A few months after Bristoe the regiment shows all 171 enlistedmen present having .58 rifle muskets and virtually all have bayonets. This matches well with Gordon Rhea's research showing them being the smaller regiment in a 610-man 3-regiment brigade.

      -Craig Schneider
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