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Stone's River Final Registration List

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  • Stone's River Final Registration List

    Howdy, boys. Here's our final registration list for the living history weekend at Stone's River NMP. If you do NOT see your name, and I have omitted you by error, please let me know so that I can fix it. Rations are being ordered today!

    Capt. Eric Fair
    1st LT Lemuel Ellington
    2nd LT Arch Campbell
    Orderly Sgt Bob Welch
    2nd Sgt Shawn Spicer
    3rd Sgt Harrison “Holler” Holloway
    Cpl Stephen Lunsford
    Cpl Michael Comer
    Cpl Barry Dusel
    Cpl Caleb Madden
    Musician Kelly Ford
    Jefferson Saylor
    Kirk McCollum
    Ethan Gallo
    Blaine Carreon
    Ricci Rios
    Zach Brewer
    Jonathan Harris
    Ethan Roy
    Cameron Borders
    Tom Klas
    Adam Bostock
    Chris Wright
    Donnie Watson
    Benjamin Beckman
    Stephen Shivers
    Brad Argue
    Jason Reinholz
    Kevin Malcom
    Paul Hadley
    Mark Serour
    Eric Issacs
    Jim Conley
    Pat Landrum
    Zach Summerford
    Josh Darnell
    John Wedeward
    Josh Donbraska
    William Little
    Seth Graham
    Steven Geery
    Jeremy Snyder
    Don Cope
    Jeff Williams
    Dave Gerow
    Jeffery Baker
    Gary Lane
    Joseph Musgrove

    Material Culture Guidelines,
    84th Illinois Volunteer Infantry Regiment,
    October 1862

    All items will be of proper period construction. No machine sewn button holes or improper modern materials. No cigarettes; proper period pipes or chewing tobacco only.
    Fatigue blouse
    Dress coat
    Both are acceptable.

    Regulation sky blue kersey trowsers

    US Issue Shirt/contractor variant shirt
    Civilian shirt

    M1858 forage cap
    Dress hat, unblocked
    No preference given, as records are unclear.

    Federal brogans/issue shoes.

    US Issue haversack, canteen, blanket, gum blanket

    Any appropriate combination of rifle-musket accoutrements (M1857/1861 leathers)
    Springfield-style bayonet scabbard (M1859 two-rivet preferred.)
    Bedroll or knapsacks. Some men didn’t even have blankets so that is acceptable too
    1. Enfield Rifle Muskets
    2. 1861 Springfield Rifle
    3. No Smoothbores or two banders
    Also no original rifles and make sure weapon is in good working order. The NPS will be inspecting our rifles.
    Mike Palada
    aka Lemuel Ellington, Hairy Nation Boys