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    I’ve copied this from the Valley of Death Facebook page since it’s been the most reliable way of communicating

    Guys be sure to look under the announcements section of the page before firing info off. We’ve answered just about every question in there including a satellite picture of the event site and where camp will be for FRIDAY. If for some reason you aren’t going to be there until Saturday after 830- then just go to Carter House, because we will be gone and will meet you there.

    Some notes on the weekend. We are permitting people to bring flies. They will not be set up until ordered. When you register, if you’re bringing a fly, bring it to registration. We will mark them and get them back to you.

    I’ve never been big about giving out ration information but being as this event is as much about fieldcraft as anything else- here goes:

    Friday night- Battalion staff will prepare bean soup for everyone. If you want something else, bring it with you. You’ll have time to cook after the tours slack off. You need to be in camp by 3:00 if you’re planning to take part in the luminary and night touring, if you’re not, we won’t be back at camp until 7- then we’re doing guard. So if you get in town early, go grab some lunch.

    Over the coarse of the weekend you will be issued CS hardbread, smoked bacon, dried peas, pumpkins, rice and coffee. We will also be providing flour and meal for those that wish to experiment with making biscuits in camp. All of this was reported from original diaries so we’re not pulling this from thin air. You won’t go hungry. Don’t bring food! We will provide kettles to cook as a company, these kettles will need to also subsequently be cleaned before they are returned. Get with your pards and square away a fry pan, canteen half etc for your bacon.

    Here’s why we are doing this- Because of modern build up the Battle of Franklin is difficult to interpret at Carnton and the Carter House, what it does provide is a great place to have a “mobile classroom”. It also provides a large group of dedicated living historians the chance to talk to crowds of people and interpret the daily life of a civil war soldier on the Anniversary, all while getting a solid tour and first hand accounts.

    My plan is to have you back at Carnton by 9 Sunday morning to hit the road.

    Any questions? Shoot me a message.
    Patrick Landrum
    Independent Rifles

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    Re: Updated Information

    Anyone in TM Hellcats I Have packed a Medium and Small Fry Pan
    Brian Clohesy