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Limited Spots Remaining for Confederate

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  • Limited Spots Remaining for Confederate

    1st & 3rd Missouri Cavalry, dismounted.

    Capt. Patrick Landrum
    Adj. Lt. Joe Smotherman
    Sgt. Maj. Chris Stacey
    Clerk. Lt. Tyler Gibson
    Officer of the day. Lt. Brian DesRochers

    Color Bearer Juston Pope
    Andrew Kasmar
    Chris Reed
    Steven Henderson
    Grant Kirkwood
    Lee White

    Company A & D
    Cpt. Sam Galyon
    Jordan Harrell
    Timothy Hallman
    Caleb Greinke
    Greg Lind
    Luke Bradford
    Kevin Malcolm
    Ryan Cobb
    Jacob Thompson
    Nicholas Mechigian
    Avery Miller
    Brennan Wheatley
    Hunter Kramer
    Matt Nowlin
    Morgan Pate
    David Williams
    Nathan Williams
    Rhett Tremini
    Ryan Kelley
    Jonas Patrick

    Company B & G
    Lt. Joey Ricci
    Tyler Suttle
    Cameron Wilcox
    Jay Faucheux
    Ross Burkenstock
    David Worsham
    Joseph Gebhart
    Andrew Pequet
    Thomas Ramsey

    Company C & I
    Cpt. Justin Morris
    Michael Mumaugh
    Jim Conley
    Bruce Black
    Ronnie Hull
    Shelby Hull
    Todd Dean
    Richard Dean
    Brad Willingham
    Keith Willingham
    Caleb Rodes
    Shannon Tilly
    Ryan Protz
    Kevin Robicheaux
    Randy Brown
    Jeremy Dantes
    Casey Cleveland
    Baker Watkins
    Mitchell Silvest
    Scott Busenbark
    Kenny Dodd
    Nathan Colvin
    Michael Daniel
    Mitch Halcomb
    Donnie Watson

    Company F & K
    Cpt. Frank Aufmuth
    Nathan Friday
    Ray Dunkum
    Ethan Sartor
    Carl Aufmuth
    Silas Tackitt
    Trent Niederburger
    John Pillers
    Chris Clements
    Michael Comer
    Greg Hildreth
    Ray Therrell
    Mason Carlan
    Peyton Carlan
    Anthony Monson
    Paul Erickson
    Mike Garbus
    Jonathan Morris
    Kyle Pretzl
    Cameron Herman
    John Spain
    Garrett Lipps
    Everett Roddy
    Ken Irvin
    Graham Herman
    Brendan Schuler
    Greg Richardson

    Company E & H
    Cpt. Christian Michael Shuster
    Jeremy Hayes
    Charles Tucker
    John Shoptaw
    Dan Hill
    Matt Krull
    Brad Hartsfield
    Carl Conrad
    Brad Anspach
    Sam Walgren
    Brian McCarthy
    Andrew Lawrence
    Nathan Edwards
    James Hicks
    Jeremy Johnson
    Mackenzie Taylor
    Brett Baker
    Keith Welch
    Paul Turnbull
    Blake Werner
    Chris Couch
    Bryant Tucker
    Mike Hoover
    Jimmy Walker
    Andrew Winstead
    Mark Isbell
    Scott Johnson
    Jeff Williams
    James Burnett
    Bart Boaz

    There are a couple spots available in all companies, Joey Ricci's is open as it is the newest addition to the regiment.

    This list is as of TODAY. If there are corrections needed, send me a message, I do not want this thread to turn into a but, but, why, how? trainwreck.

    Current $25 registration will end April 1st. After March 15th, the fee is $30.

    Brian DesRochers
    Independent Rifles

    Descendant of :

    Cpl. James T. Ragsdale, Co. B. 6th Missouri Inf. C.S.A.,
    Thomas Motley, Co. E. 7th Arkansas Inf. C.S.A.,
    Joseph, Jasper, Jerry and Luney Ragsdale, 44th AL Inf C.S.A.