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  • Missionary Ridge Bully Buy

    Attention 4th Florida and 64th OVI!

    From Mr. Tim Welch of LD Haning:

    L.D. Haning and co. will be offering our Confederate Ground Cloth and Painted Federal Infantry Blanket at a bully buy price to be issued at the Missionary Ridge event.

    To order simply go to L.D. Haning .com and place the order as you normally would. In the message area type in MRBB and we will do the rest. ( if you have problem with the message during the transaction simply email the code with your name to You will be rebated $15 per painted infantry blanket or ground cloth. The MRBB code will let L.D. Haning know your purchase is part of the issue at the event and to process your discount. The items will be shipped to the event organizers along with the list of names who purchased.

    This offer is only good for folks who have registered and PAID for the Missionary Ridge event. If you are not on the paid registrant list Tim will know so don't try. This offer will run until November 1st 2018.

    The painted infantry blankets normally run $80 and the CS ground cloth $65. Don't miss out on a this great deal!
    Order today!

    Our Painted Federal Infantry Tent Blanket is based on contract examples: approx. 46 X 71 inches, with 18 grommets ” ID. Originals (which are extremely rare) oilcloth and rubberized often vary from the specified overall dimensions slightly. The number of grommets and size seemed to be strictly adhered to by contractors. Our example exhibits the 2 offset grommets for tying as a shawl and is of 1 piece construction as per original. Surviving original: Pvt Grahm Kennedy example. (We may at times also offer a 2 piece constructed example)

    This ground cloth comes with raw ends and selvage edges. It has no grommets.
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    Tyler Underwood
    Pawleys Island #409 AFM
    Governor Guards, WIG

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