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  • Hank Trent

    Hank passed away this morning at 1:30. He had been fighting cancer for awhile. He was a good friend and I will miss him. He also contributed much to this side of the hobby, especially in the civilian realm.
    Michael Comer
    one of the moderator guys

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    Re: Hank Trent

    Wow! I am in shock!
    Thank you for the news Mike. Hank will be missed.
    Tyler Underwood
    Pawleys Island #409 AFM
    Governor Guards, WIG

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      Re: Hank Trent

      A Star fell...
      He contributed so much.
      Sincere condolences, Mrs. Trent. :(
      -Elaine "Ivy Wolf" Kessinger


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        Re: Hank Trent

        TERRIBLE news! My thoughts and prayers go out to his family.

        RIP Hank.
        Michael Semann
        AC Staff Member Emeritus.


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          Re: Hank Trent

          Wonderful man and fellow hobbyist... I called him a friend and am proud to do so. He will be missed. He did so much for our hobby and was spot on with his research.
          Johnny Lloyd
          John "Johnny" Lloyd
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          Without research standards, there can be no authenticity.
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          Fantasy is not history nor heritage, because it never really existed." -Me

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            Re: Hank Trent

            Very, very sad to hear this. He was a treasure trove of 19th century history. Especially of a civilian and day to day nature.
            J. Mark Choate
            7th TN. Cavalry, Co. D.

            "Let history dictate our impressions.......not the other way around!"


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              Re: Hank Trent

              I am very sorry to hear this. I have had the pleasure and honor of attending a few events with him.
              D. M. Meister

              Portraying Federal & Confederate medical staff


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                Re: Hank Trent

                I never got to meet him. May he rest easy.
                Thank You,

                Brent Dacus

                The AC Admin
                The Company of Military Historians
                Member, Civil War Preservation Trust

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                  Re: Hank Trent

                  He will be greatly missed.

                  I first met Hank on the lane at Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill . I was spinning wool and talking to tourists. He would emerge from the hedge row, begin making conversation and it was suddenly 1862. I was sweating to keep up my part of the bargain, but I'd read extensively beforehand. For the rest of the day, he would reappear any time I did not have tourists, and continue the conversation.

                  It was several years before I knew the identity of the mystery man.,found only as more of us began to meet on line.

                  In the intervening years, I've seen him draw the plans for a barracks in a coastal fort and convince men it was going to rise, dance the boatman's dance, fashion a net and catch dinner on coastal rocks at Christmas, and run a nitre bed in the steamy South. I watched him tip a whole company to near madness while playing with a child's toy and portraying a man with a child's mind.

                  Two weeks ago, I was working in the War Room, sorting and consolidating gear, clearing things, looking at duplicates. I picked up a stick, but as y'all know, sticks and string are valuable things. My husband said quietly "I spent a weekend in 'prison' and carved 3 buttons for a coat Hank was trying to sew. I broke 2 trying to make the holes. I saved the stick. I meant to make him some more'

                  We all always look for more. And are thankful for having known him, and his generosity with us.
                  Terre Hood Biederman
                  Yassir, I used to be Mrs. Lawson. I still run period dyepots, knit stuff, and cause trouble.

                  Wearing Grossly Out of Fashion Clothing Since 1958.

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                    Re: Hank Trent

                    I can't tell you how many times I've sat in the shadow of a tree or a back corner and just watched Hank be someone else. It was always an education, inspiration and aspiration and sometimes it was also amusing -especially when Hank encountered someone who didn't know him or what he was about and were trying to interact with him "normally".

                    I am truly sorry to hear of his passing. He will be missed.
                    Joe Smotherman


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                      Re: Hank Trent

                      I'm shocked! Hank set the bar high for the rest of us and redefined what is possible when it comes to first-person. Hank was in a class by himself.
                      John Wickett
                      Former Carpetbagger
                      Administrator (We got rules here! Be Nice - Sign Your Name - No Farbisms)


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                        Re: Hank Trent

                        I am saddened to hear of Hanks passing. His knowledge was a help to us all.I

                        I only meet him briefly at a crossroads in North East Louisiana.
                        Andrew Grim
                        The Monte Mounted Rifles, Monte Bh'oys

                        Burbank #406 F&AM
                        x-PBC, Co-Chairman of the Most Important Committee
                        Peter Lebeck #1866, The Ancient and Honorable Order of E Clampus Vitus
                        Billy Holcomb #1069, Order of Vituscan Missionaries


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                          Re: Hank Trent

                          Wow I'm very surprised and saddened by this news. I never got to meet Hank but always enjoyed reading what he had to say. A wealth of inforation and a great loss to the hobby.

                          My deepest sympathies to his family.
                          Chris Bartone


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                            Re: Hank Trent

                            Very sad too hear the news about Hank. Rest In Peace my friend.

                            Hank Portraying Henry Sibley at Fort Snelling in 2011
                            Click image for larger version

Name:	FS 14.jpg
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ID:	225237
                            Joe Beedle




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                              Re: Hank Trent

                              A mentor to so many of us. For those of you who never had a chance to meet and do an event with Hank, you have no idea how GOOD he was at first-person. As others have said, he set the bar high and set the example of how we should act more often when at events. Thank you Hank for the examples set, your friendship to many of us, and for all the contributions you have made to this hobby over the years. RIP.
                              Micah Trent
                              Tar Water Mess/Mess No. 1
                              Friends of Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site