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Traditions, Inc 1861 Springfield

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  • Traditions, Inc 1861 Springfield

    Does anyone have any experience with the 1861 Springfiled reproductions that were sold by Traditions, Inc. 20-something years ago? I was wondering if they had any of the same misfire issues that the Armi Sport counter parts have been known for.

    I was also wondering if new repro bayonets for the '61 Springfield would fit this type of musket. I wasn't sure if they were more tailored to the Armi Sport variants.

    Thanks in advance.
    Kent Baxley

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    Re: Traditions, Inc 1861 Springfield

    Kent, I cannot comment on the rifle and any issues with misfires.
    I would think that the reproduction bayonets would fit. But to be honest I would never use a reproduction bayonet again.
    Save yourself a little money and get an original. As long as you take care of it, it will be just fine.
    Sorry to veer off course. Hopefully Curt will be along soon and provide a little more help.
    Tyler Underwood
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      Re: Traditions, Inc 1861 Springfield



      Traditions is an importer of "lower" end stuff such as Spanish made, formerly CVA. I do not member them making a M1861 but I may have missed it.

      Pretty much, IIRC, choices in the 1980's for M1861's were Mike Yeck, Dixie/Miroku, and ArmiSport.

      Yikes. It just occurred to me 20-something years ago were mostly the '90's not the '80's!! :(

      Curt Schmidt
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