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Black Confederate Issue Trousers

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  • Black Confederate Issue Trousers

    While perusing through Don Troiani's Civil War Infantry something caught my eye. In the article on the 27th Virginia it is mentioned how black trousers of cassimere were issued to Confederates throughout the war. (Specifically to the 27 VA in Oct '62) The only sources mentioned in the back of the book, pertaining to this, are the Confederated Service Records in the National Archives. Does anyone know of any other references to such trousers, whether first or second hand? I personally don't recall Cadet Gray and Butternut Brown mentioning anything of the like.

    Anything to shed some light on this would be appreciated.
    Stephen Feryus

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    Re: Black Confederate Issue Trousers

    Hi there,

    Look up Terry Handy of the 1st Texas in California (Google search) - they have a Web site and I believe his contact information is there. He has a pair of black trousers for one of his impressions. I am not sure what he knows about their provenance, but he may be able to help.

    Bill Treadway may be another source as he knows Terry. Bill posts here as 1st Texas.

    Good luck.

    Jonathan Vaughan
    Jonathan Vaughan
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      Re: Black Confederate Issue Trousers

      Terry wears his black trowsers as part of the "Great Appeal" impression that he does. Actually though they are not black but a very deep gray. Thanks.
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        Re: Black Confederate Issue Trousers


        Just to touch on what Tom's already mentioned...... the cloth is actually jean cloth with a dark/deep logwood dyed. I believe the cloth came from an old batch of FHW stuff. I agree, it does resemble the color black (for now!). Perhaps this was also the case with the 27th Virginia as mentioned in the original post.
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          Re: Black Confederate Issue Trousers


          Just an aside... Logwood mordanted with iron produces black.

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            Re: Black Confederate Issue Trousers

            If you can find some of Charlie Child's logwood in the last batch, it is black jean. It will fade, but is quite dark new.
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