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Thanks Tar Water

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  • Thanks Tar Water


    Thank you for a good time. I know the numbers were lower than expected, but those of us who made it enjoyed ourselves. The weather was perfect and the Melodian's were awesome. Mess No.1 certainly enjoyed seeing all our old friends once again.
    Ken Cornett
    MESS NO.1
    Founding Member
    Mason Lodge #678, PM
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    Re: Thanks Tar Water

    I want to thank the Tar Water Mess for putting this event together. I had never been to Fort Duffield or Maldraugh Hill where so many of the original boys went for instruction before marching to the front. I was glad to see there is a small group that works on preserving the fort and had added some nice period cabins. I also want to thank all the men who fell in with the Veteran Company that made the march in. My feet are sore today but my mood is good to have spent the weekend in the field. It was an honor to fall in with all of you. Hope to see everyone at an event soon.
    Matt Woodburn
    Retired Big Bug
    Hiram Lodge #7, F&AM, Franklin, TN
    "There is a fine line between "hobby" and "mental illness."


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      Re: Thanks Tar Water

      I had a good time.The march was good.I enjoyed the fort .It's nice seeing different forts and styles of them than the ones down here.Thank you tar Water it was worth the drive.3 am came like a mad grizzly bear and I just got home from work and now it's nap time!Thanks again guys...job well done.:wink_smil
      Kiev Thomason
      a.k.a. King Corn:baring_te
      Armory Guards
      Forest Park Lodge #399
      Forest Park GA.


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        Re: Thanks Tar Water

        Well done Gents.

        Thank You.
        Brian Hicks
        Widows' Sons Mess

        Known lately to associate with the WIG and the Armory Guards

        "He's a good enough fellow... but I fear he may be another Alcibiades."

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          Re: Thanks Tar Water

          Obviously there would be no event without the participants and as such I have to thank those that attended. I know some of you drove a good distance to attend. I hope it was worthwhile. As mentioned at the event, Fort Duffield gets minimal funding from the town and relies heavily on donations and grants to keep it going.

          In addition to those that came, Iíd like to publically thank the Allendale Melodians for participating and putting on a great show (as usual!) Also to Tim Parson, who has posted some great images of the event in another thread.

          It was swell seeing you all there. Thanks again!
          Matthew Rector


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            Re: Thanks Tar Water

            Thanks for asking us to attend! We always like to play for such good friends.
            Rick Bailey
            Melodian Banjoist from Allendale and Founder of Waffle Schnapps.


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              Re: Thanks Tar Water

              Good folks, good event. This was my first time at Ft. Duffield and I very much enjoyed hearing Micah, Mason, and Ewing talk about the site and the different spots on our march route.

              Thanks to the Tar Water Mess for a good event and to my pards for making it that much more enjoyable. Hope to see you all around again soon!

              I picked up a brochure by the shelter on the way out and noticed information about the Friends of Fort Duffield. As Rector mentioned, the site is in need of support and $10 is apparently all that is needed for a year's membership. I'd suggest to any of you that attended this weekend or events past that really appreciated the site to spend the 10 bucks and keep up on ways to help Duffield.
              Jim Conley

              Member, Civil War Trust

              "The 'right' events still leave much to be desired." - Patrick Lewis


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                Re: Thanks Tar Water

                Sorry I missed this one. It's the first event I've ever not shown up at when I said I would be there and I felt pretty bad about it since I always try my best to keep my word. But, a family emergency on Friday took precedence. Thought about you fellows during the weekend though.
                Michael Comer
                one of the moderator guys


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                  Re: Thanks Tar Water

                  Hello, gents!

                  I had a great time at Duffield this past weekend, and just wanted to say thanks to everyone for making it a good time.

                  Special thanks to Mr. Foust, Mr. Mason, Mr. Rector, and Mr. Runyon, as well as the Crabbs (including the beautiful Miss Skye).

                  Also, thanks to the Pumpkin Patch Mess for making me feel at home.

                  Look forward to seeing you all in the future!

                  Amber L. Clark
                  [I][COLOR="Navy"]Amber L. Clark[/COLOR][/I]


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                    Re: Thanks Tar Water

                    I would like to thank you all who took part in the campaign march. I hope you enjoyed walking on some of the actual road that Buell's boys walked in '62.
                    When the TWM were in the early stages of putting this event together, the march route was our biggest concern due to a few obstacles land owner wise. However, Ft. Knox and the State Highway Department of Transportation branch in Hardin County made that march a reality for us. A huge thanks to them as well, because without them, there would had been no march.
                    Micah Trent
                    Tar Water Mess/Mess No. 1
                    Friends of Perryville Battlefield State Historic Site


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                      Re: Thanks Tar Water

                      I would like to thank all those that came out. You all made this possible and the donations made will go along way. We are in your debt.

                      PS: This event made Tripp and Kiev puke. :(
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