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Bentonville Photos & Videos

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    Re: Bentonville Photos & Videos

    This is a re-post from Facebook. Quite a few shots of us making out way into camp, including one of the Sgt. Major and his chicken!

    Couldn't have asked for better comrads than the ones I had this weekend. Heres to you gentlemen!

    40 Rounds!
    -Michael Lafferty
    Mike Lafferty


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      Re: Bentonville Photos & Videos

      As I mentioned, we had a photographer dedicated to recording our Regiment on Saturday.

      Clint Brownlee took some amazing photos of us!

      Contact him for prints, etc.

      He closed with the following message to me:
      Thank you so much for inviting me to come take pictures for your unit. It was a great weekend and the professionalism and attention to detail that was displayed by the 10th Iowa was unmatched by anyone else at the reenactment.....I really had a great time.
      Ivan Ingraham
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        Re: Bentonville Photos & Videos

        Bully for Company B! Huzzah and great job!IMG_165738818463516.jpeg
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          Re: Bentonville Photos & Videos

          Congratulations on a job well done..... You guys looked great. It was a pleasure seeing you take the field and fighting alongside of you Saturday. I also enjoyed the fight against you on Sunday and hearing your Iowa cheer. I regret not being able get away and come over to your camp to meet you gentlemen in person.

          I'll see you on the field,
          Hunter DeBruhl
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            Re: Bentonville Photos & Videos

            Ezra Parker and I showing off our plunder from our jaunt through Columbia SC.

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              Re: Bentonville Photos & Videos

              10th Iowa Musicians at Bentonville.jpgHere are some photos I took during the weekend from my place in Company A. It was a great weekend, by the way.

              Trench digging at Bentonville.jpg

              - - - Updated - - -

              Hopefully, here's a couple more pics.
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