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Fire Zouaves for 155th Manassas

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  • Fire Zouaves for 155th Manassas

    Mods, please move or delete if this is in the wrong place or if this is not welcome. Thank you.

    we are organizing a Fire Zouave battalion for 155th Manassas (Jule 22-24 at Cedar Creek) along the lines of our previous work at 145th and 150th Manassas. A number of members of this board participated those years, and will again this anniversary, and we are always looking for like-minded individuals who wish to portray the 11th New York regiment at the event. It is a very easy impression to adopt, and many campaigners already have the kit, actually. Dark blue trowsers, an overshirt or issue shirt, and a cap or hat are the basics. Two Szabo wetplates of us at the previously mentioned events have graced the Authentic-Campaigner.

    For an in-depth look at the regiment and the portrayal, please visit

    Thank you for your time,
    Shaun Grenan
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    [SIZE="3"][COLOR="Navy"]Shaun C. Grenan[/COLOR][/SIZE]
    [I][COLOR="DarkRed"]Newaygo, MI[/COLOR][/I]

    [FONT="Book Antiqua"]"[I]' Ellsworth! Remember Ellsworth!' was the chorused battle-cry with us all, and at each shout horsemen would fall from their horses, victims upon our altar of vengeance. -Member of Co, B, 1st NY Fire Zouaves, NY Leader, July 23, 1861.[/I]"[/FONT]

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    Re: Fire Zouaves for 155th Manassas

    Impression standards can be found here :
    Silas Tackitt,
    one of the moderators.

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