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  • Mike Yeck

    It was announced at the Jackson, MI event this past weekend that Mike Yeck passed away last Thursday after battling cancer.

    Few here will have known Mike, but his legacy of top quality reproduction firearms will endure on and on. It is to men like Mike that we in the authentic community owe the greatest debt.

    Rest in peace Mike.
    Dan Wambaugh
    Wambaugh, White, & Company
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    Re: Mike Yeck


    I for one will miss Mike.

    In Ye Way Back Daze, I used to hang out with Mike and Betty, at gun shows, his "store/museum," at N-SSA events, as well as his stall at Fort Shenadoah.

    He was always a sharing man, handing us this gun or that saying "Look what I just found." Or allowing us to wander among his collections. Many of the parts I used to build custom-builts were left-over locks, stocks, barrels, and furniture parts from Mike's failed M1861, "1862 Richmond," and M1863 line.

    Many lads do not know Mike, but his Smith carbine is the evolutionary ancestor of the Italian repro they use today.

    Ah... Mike.

    Curt Schmidt
    In gleichem Schritt und Tritt, Curt Schmidt

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      Re: Mike Yeck

      Wow. I bought my first musket from Mike in 1988 (what may have been a Yeck 1863 Springfield) Then I took my friend Tim Sheehy to Dundee a year later so he could buy an Enfield. Mike was a great guy, very willing to share knowledge and his shop was beyond cool to 16 year old kid. RIP Mike.
      Sam Lowe
      Sally Port Mess
      Western Rifles

      Aut Viam invenium aut faciam


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        Re: Mike Yeck

        Like Sam I purchased my enfield from Mr. Yeck in 1987. Thanks in part to him I'm still in the hobby and still carrying that enfield. Thank you Mr. Yeck.

        Steve Acker
        formerly or currently a member of
        5th Texas co. E- the Michigan one
        41st Virginia- Wisconsin
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        WIG-miss this one
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        10th Tennesee- when I can